Thursday, 22 January 2015

Living Room Cum Dining Space.

Living room, dining area and kitchen are said to be inter connected to each other and these days practically we have to merge the living space and dining area or kitchen and the dining space together due to cramped spaces and less floor area. But it does't mean we are settling down with a compromise or a adjustment. If you look at the other positive part of the spaces being merged together you will find an intimate bonding between all the sections of the residence. So lets merge up the living room with dining space and get more of the intimate picture of family love and bonding. 

Merge the two area's in such a manner that none of them looses its identity and importance, as both of them has their own respective purpose to be fulfilled and give a pleasureful time to the occupants of the home. You may divide them the living area and the dining space by just creating an offset to the floor level or just by putting in rugs to the living area or laid down carpet to the dining area. This create the division of two zones maintaining its importance and not separating it from each other. 

This division can easily be created with the illumination effects as well. You may hang up few hanging lights or a modern chandelier on the top of the dining table. You may give more of the dramatic effects to the living room with some down-lighters or up lighters. Installation of few paintings or art pieces may result as helpful tool in the division of the space by not effecting the over all decor and style statement of the home. 

Last but not the least, the most important tool to play with is the furniture of both the zones. Moreover adding up of floor cushions, bean bags, low height stools, etc. to the living area gives it a picture perfect whereas adding up of full dining chair table set to the dinner area gives it the looks of its required purpose and styling. For a contrast free and well blended up area do consider the material of the furniture same for both the zones. Mix  match of furniture material may land u up into trouble. 

So, merging of relaxation time and meal time is not a bad idea. Create of the space for a better, intimate family time. Let all get an equal chance of participation during the family hours... !!!


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