Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Master Bedroom- 7 Impressive curtain styling.

Master bedroom needs to get adored and loved in every manner. Starting from its planning to it's furnishing and decor accessorizes. Curtain designing and curtain ideas for bedroom does plays a vital role to make them look and feel more alluring, wonderful and complete. Here's sharing 7 impressive curtain styling for your bedroom to make your bedroom look more elegant and designer.

  • Circularly pleated curtains for circular bed and surroundings. Pleat the curtains along with the circumference of the bed or you can even drape them from the ceiling and hang down in a stylish manner. 

  • Semi/half pleated curtains for the windows beside your master bed will definitely enhance the charm of your master bed and room as well as it will sneak the warm and cozy sun light around the room to make it look complete and well designed. 

  • Carefree hanging of pleated curtains to cover your full wall window or full wall door is as awesome as cheery on the top of the cake. Let your full wall window or sliding door/full wall door get more attention and charm with such full length pleated carefree curtains to make them look amazing. 

  • Curtain the wall yes, at times we need to just cover a little portion of wall to create a style statement  and nothing is more fabulous and impressive than curtains. Use plane pleated curtains to cover up the little portion of wall behind the bed or side wall create a classy solid impression. 

  • Draperies and pleated curtains to create the real royal look touch to your master bedroom. If you are blessed with more than two windows in your bedroom then you can go for the royal and classy touch of such draperies and pleated curtains. 

  • Casual linen styling curtains to make your room look really comfortable, impressive and calm for all the season. No need for any stitched pleats or draperies. Just hang up the simple linen with carefree look and light colors and you are done with the simple yet impressive curtain styling for your room. 

  • Mix & match curtains (linen and printed combo) will definitely lift up the class of your bedroom and give it the most awesome and alluring look forever. It not only breaks the monotony of the room but also creates a dramatic and stylish impression of the room. 
Curtains are not only the material to dress up the windows. They too hold an untold importance and style to uplift the over all class of the room giving it a complete and designer finish. So, not just use them, let them help you dress up your master bedroom the best. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Master Bedroom - 5 Stunning Bed Wall Ideas.

Master bedroom are always special and unique in their own way, personal touch, feel and look. Here's sharing few master piece bed wall ideas to make your master bedroom more stunning, impressive and stylish forever.

  • Raw wooden touch to the bed wall will make it look and feel more mesmerizing for the true love lovers of wood and wooden texture.

  • Picture sliding wall design for the people who really low to flaunt their family or couple pictures in the bedroom. Make it look more personal and romantic with your picture collection just behind your pillows.
    • The artist look wall design for people who really admire art, creativity and love to flaunt them in their bedroom. Let your love for art become passion and enhance the beauty of your room forever.
    • Raw brick wall for the really open minded and exotic design lovers. Make your bedroom look real passionate and stunningly impressive with the raw touch of bricks and woods. 

    • Accent color lovers can definitely go for the grey and blue or brown combination with some touch of contemporary style, hanging lights and linen curtains to make your master bedroom look really modern,stylish and cool forever. 
    No one can give a better and best look to your master bedroom than "you". It is your personal touch, feel, love and design which will make it special, unique and classy forever. So, choice the one which makes your heart and soul really happy and just go for it..! Happy and healthy designing.. :)

    Saturday, 16 September 2017

    Stunning Bedroom & Living room- Stunning Multipurpose Furniture.

    Times and spaces gone when we had enough of huge accommodation area. These days in the era of apartments, boxy building and space it is really important to improvise on our furniture planning style. We need to have all the necessities around but in a stylish, compact, trendy and space saving manner. Call of the era is "smart unique stunning multipurpose furniture" which can serve us well in smallest of spaces and accommodation without any mess and crappy issues.


    Make your living better, more comfortable, less messy and smarter with the multipurpose furniture. This kind of furniture adapt easily in small spaces providing you with all the necessities which you do not want to cut off from your bedroom or living-room. It is high time to live smarter, stunning and impressive with multitasking furniture and plans. 

    Thursday, 14 September 2017

    Smart Kitchen Lighting.

    With the up-gradation in the technology, styling, design and era it is for your kitchen to get an uplift for the latest, stylish and designer looks and convenience.To start with your kitchen makeover what could be better than replacing the old fade lights with LED smart kitchen lighting.


    • Improvise your kitchen design plans with smart LED kitchen lights making your kitchen look brighter and more impressive. Smart light and smart display with compact and profound look with change the aura of your kitchen leaving it more stunning and remarkable. 

    •  Pull out your kitchen out of darkness, unwanted shadows and unwanted over lighting as well. Installation of LED strip lights or mini bulbs under and above the kitchen counter will solve up all the above three problems in one single strike. 


    • Let your work get full attention and proper lighting while working on the counters. Eliminate your own shadows by simply installing the LED smart lighting under your wall cabinets. 


    •  Do not let your kitchen stay in darkness during its off hours. You may install night LED smart lights to at-least light it up with some night light and avoid banging yourself here and there. 

    • Proper illumination under the snacks table is also as important as other lighting parts and area.

    •  Smart and stylish hanging lights do play a vital role in the over all illumination of the kitchen as well as to improvise and makes the plan look better and more charming. 

    In today's world it is important to install things which are smart, compact, light in weight, has amazing durability factor in it and the most important plays the best part in a designers plan and look. LED smart lights for kitchen is the perfect one to match up all the qualities discussed above. Make your kitchen look and work smarter and stunning. 

    Bedroom - Ravishing Wallpaper.

    Make your bedroom more of the classy, stunning and ravishing with the personal and unique touch of few classy, gold rose, modern, creative, contemporary, accent, black and gold, romantic, stylish and designer wallpapers.

    •  Put in the flavor of personal touch, feel and love in your bedroom with romantic wallpapers. They are always impressive and plays a vital role to turn on the mood of your love life. 

    • Make your bedroom look more unique with a designer touch with contemporary and creative wallpapers. They hardly burden up your pockets as well. 

    •  Change according to your choices and likes after say every 5-6 years. It helps in maintaining refreshing and new look to your bedroom that too without the major or minor change in furniture. 

    •  Get that royal, ravishing and classy touch to your bedroom with classy, royal and accent wallpaper styling. They do bring in the royal touch, flavor and charm of king dynasty in your simple or at times dull bedroom. 

    • Wallpapers doesn't smells like paints or texture for months after being done with it. They bring you the most wanted and impressive look for your bedroom in few minutes and for years. 
    Basically, when you need an extraordinary and stylish bedroom with refreshing, designer and creative touch without high budgets and after done smell effects .. wallpaper it.. not texture or paint it. . . !! 

    Wednesday, 13 September 2017

    Bedroom with Glass Bathroom.

    Attached bathroom with bedroom is quite an old concept now and is usually found in every house. At times bathroom to occupy lots of bedroom space and makes it look bit messy and unorganized. To over come this issue one go with glass bathroom space with bedroom.

    •  Open bathroom do not stink or have that residues of moisture content left there. One can go for sliding doors for the attached bathroom in bedroom. 

    • Cover the glass bathroom with outside curtains, not inside curtains. When needed pull up the curtains but not required simply let the bathroom share the length of the bedroom to make it look spacious and classy. 

    •  Glass bathroom makes look bedroom more spacious and classy. Privacy of the bathroom can be maintained well with itched glass effect or by the opposite location of the bathroom. 

    Bedroom is a very special space, and let it be with the classy touch of attached glass bathroom. Share the space in style, trendy and impressive manner rather than just creating boxes in your bedroom. 

    Tuesday, 12 September 2017

    Kitchen Interior Items - 7 Smart & Sharp ways.

    As we all know kitchen is one of the busiest space in the house hence, it is quite important to help it the kitchen look,work and style better, efficiently, smarty and trendy. With the upcoming range of modular kitchen interior items or say furniture setting it is quite easy to segregate the kitchen spaces and cabinets in a very effective and smart manner. 

    • Corner cabinetry flexible racks and modules help you use the lazy Susan space under your kitchen slab. Make the most use of the space with such flexible and strong corner movable racks. 

    • Corner pullouts make your work go more easy and time effective if you install them in your kitchen design. It not only helps you work efficiently but also it does makes your work comfortable as well. No need to bend go get your stuff. 

    •  Fork & Spoon drawers makes your work easy to segregate forks, spoons and knifes under one drawer but in their individual niches. 

    •  Pullout cabinets and pull up doors makes your kitchen look super stylish as well as gives an ease to work with the most effectively used space in a trendy manner. 

    •  Tiny spaces pullouts range easily manages the tiny spaces left behind your kitchen unused at times. Make most of your kitchen spaces with such racks and pullouts. 

    • Semi-circular corner racks and pullouts can be used in spaces where there is not option or space left to use the full circle cabinet racks and pullouts. They are perfect for the starting cabinets from the corner to make your work go easy and effective. 

    •  Hooks and hanging racks will defiantly increase the value of space, walls and style of your kitchen. Let your kitchen walls do engage in some open space work too as well. Merely putting in or stuffing your kitchen with cabinets on walls is not make. Use some open space in an open and effective manner. 

    Remember, kitchen is not just a place to work, it is lots more than that. It has the magical powers to keep a house happy, healthy and strong. So, let the house enjoy the magical powers of kitchen in a stylish, sharp and trendy manner. 

    Monday, 28 August 2017

    Intelligent Interiors Lighting.

    Lighting do play a vital role to charm up and complete the feel and look of interiors. So, it is quite important to understand and use interior lighting in playful as well as intelligent manner to get that touch,feel and look. Here's sharing few examples of perfect intelligent interior lightnings.. cool, calm and simply awesome.