Wednesday, 18 July 2018

11 Important Vastu Tips for Better Homes.

Happy home is all we need and want forever.. right..!! Home is not a home if it doesn't have a feel of peace, comfort, calmness in it. Its a feeling to be home. If that feeling is missing from your home sweet home it is really important to check out with the small but very effective "vastu tips". So here's sharing vital 11 vastu tips for your home which may bring in the lost happiness,charm, love and care back to your life and place. 
  • Setting television in the bedroom area is not recommended. Television not only kills the personal time between a couple but also drags out the positive energy from your room. Playing negative stuff on your television in your bedroom harms the positivity of the room. 

  • Keep the plants and water sport far from your bedroom. At times, few insects, creepy smell or any other negative factor destroys the calmness of your bedroom. It is better to keep off the plants, water sports far away from your room. 

  • Never split bed sheet and bed mattresses. Master bedroom is said to be for a couple. Hence, it is suggested not to go with split mattress or beds. They bring in the big negative factor to create the rift between the couple. 

  • Set your house furniture in the form of circle, square, or as octagon. The basic idea behind this concept it to keep your house furniture compact, united and should look one in a go. Split furniture may drag in the negative energy to your home.

  • Keep the corners bright. Avoid darkness, dull rooms, lazy galleries, abandoned or rusted furniture. They get into your house with lots and lots of negative energy. Recycle the old furniture, illuminate the corners, renovate the left over areas of the house. 

  • It is good to fix an image of bright sun in the southern wall of the living area. It brings in lots of positive energy to your home. It drags out all the negative element. Sun is the source of powerful positive energy. Make it count in your decorations for sure. 

  • Construct your bedroom, where wind must blow from south to west. It possible try to construct your bedroom to the given direction of wind to receive the positive energy. 

  • Your house dining hall must never get exposed to the entrance door of the house. It drags out all the positive energy of the particular space. Entrance door should get the face of living area with positive pictures, positive vibes, happy decorations and impressive designing. 

  • Setting a mirror in the kitchen room is not recommended. As mirror symbolizes with water and kitchen is the place of fire hence, it gets clashed. It is better not to place any kind of mirror in the kitchen.

  • Do not place the mops and brooms in the kitchen. It is not at all suggested to place the mops and brooms in the kitchen as the place belongs to "Maa Anyapurna - Goddess of food and wealth". It is better to keep it away from the place of food. 

  • It is good to stick a happy family photograph or picture inside your living room. The simple concept behind this vastu tip is to bring the happiness and smiles to your home. What you create, what you make, reflects back to your place of living or residing. Better to keep the place bsy with happy thoughts, happy pictures, family smiles etc. 

Making your home happy is not a difficult task at all. Just try out with some of these vastu tips, you might feel the change in the coming times of your life. 

Friday, 29 December 2017

Kitchen Faux Stones - Looks & Styling.

Granite, marble, tiles etc. are few of the stone or natural material which is being regularly used for the styling and looks of kitchen purpose. Lets take a break from the regular styling and move towards some interesting and raw kitchen faux stone styling for your designer kitchen.


Installation of faux stones on kitchen walls are a very good and intersting replacement of back-splash tiles, marble or granite. They are evergreen, compliments your over all furniture of the kitchen and most importantly it gives a break to the regular designing.

Faux stone styling can be used on the back splash walls as well as to the other walls of the kitchen. It hardly gives in any monotonous effects and looks. In-fact it breaks the monotonous regular styling.

One might use them for their counter walls as well. They give in a great raw, touch and look to your kitchen. They are easy to install, maintain and keeps the kitchen look charming.

So, faux stones are good replacement for regular kitchen themed tiles, marble or granite. Installation of faux stone also do replace the wall colors and brings in the unique beauty to your kitchen. Chop off the regular and give a brilliant touch up with the interesting kitchen faux stones.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Designer Kitchen Hacks - For every kitchen.

As we all know kitchen is one the place which has to handle lots and lots of work since the day starts till the moon rises. So, just merely a basic kitchen planning, awesome designing and amazing illumination will not work. We need to be smart, quick and trendy for the designer kitchen hacks which are important for every kind and type of kitchen and cooking.

Keyboard trays which were earlier used for the home desktop and office desktop can be easily used for your kitchen. Install a keyboard tray for the that smooth pull out kind of table to keep up your stuff or to work on it. Once done with your work you can easily push it back to its original place and save your kitchen space like magic.

Hooks and bars are one of the smartest and easy way to get your everyday utensils and kitchen equipment install on them. No need to push them back and stuff up your kitchen cabinets. Let the cabinets breath in smoothly and keep your stuff inside it in a segregated manner. Let the bars and hooks help you up with hanging and installing of few daily use kitchen equipment and utensils.

Smart installation of few kitchen customized cabinetry and selves will defiantly help you out to keep up your stuff well maintained and organized in an easy and designer manner.

Remember, kitchen is not just a work place to make food stuff for the family, it is a place which feeds the family with love, satisfaction and peace. Let your kitchen be cluster free and make it look and work well organized for you with designer and smart kitchen hacks. 

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Calm & classy Designer Bedroom- Classy colors.

Bedrooms with sweet, calm and relaxing colors comes up with really touching, satisfactory and refreshing looks and ambiance with off-course a designer touch and style to it.

Make the most of your bedroom with simplicity, soberness and soft combination of colors. With light and soft colors your bedroom is all season ready, all mood satisfactory and have an special appeal and attraction towards it.

Cool, simple and tint of colors matches well with every kind of accessories, furniture and other decoration items. They do compliment dark side of accessories, picture frames, carpets etc.

They not only lift up the over all ambiance design of the room but also provides a glamours space to the room. It enhances the size of the room without much curtail in any kind of furniture and accessories. You can play with your accessories, furniture and space according to your mood, choices and likes.

One can play with light purple, charming red, creamy pink, dreamy yellow, sober green etc. No end to choices and unlimited classy designer looks for sure. So, let your bedroom speak the designer language without much of expenses, mess and expensive furniture or accessories. Keep it simple, elegant, refreshing and above all royal designer charming look with calm and simple bedroom colors. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

Magical Interiors - Scandinavian Tricks of Interiors.

Interiors with a small bite of color around the white or cream room, makes it look really different, awesome, so refreshing and all season ready. Here are few of the clicks from the magical interiors of Scandinavian play of interiors. Let your interiors be impressive, glowing and charming forever with the youth and refreshing touch to it.


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Alluring Glass Flooring.

Glass flooring is one of the most desired and wanted flooring by almost everyone. It not only uplifts the class of your interiors but also makes it young forever. Glass flooring is never out of fashion and has its unique class, touch and helps in creating the most royal ambiance in your interiors.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Master Bedroom - 4 Tips to Cozy Bed Interiors.

Master bedroom is just not a space it is a feel in itself. Make it more personal, stylish, cozy, warm and give it a feel with some really cozy warm bed styling and interiors. 


  •  Pillows & cushions plays with trick to get the most cozy, warm and comfortable cozy bed interiors and styling. Stuff up your bed with some really cool, cozy, soft and warm pillows and cushions to make it look and feel awesome. 

  • The mattress is the vital most element to cover up all the coziness and warmth. It not only provides comfort to you but also gives you the flavor of coziness, feel, touch and look. 

  •  Furniture of the bedroom plays a tricky role to make your bed look cozy and stuffy. Yes, the sofa or the couch makes it look and feel more comfortable and stylish. Cozy, soft, stuffy and cushion sofa or couch completes the look and feel of the room.

  • Color and fabric of the bed plays an unsaid importance of the feel and warmth. Colors like white, cream, grey, black, baby yellow, etc. make the bed look really cozy, inviting for rest and comfort. 
Not just the material of the bed but also the linen, color, stuffed in cushions and pillows, bed covers, bed sheets everything holds a play to trick and trigger the coziness of the bed. Make it best and sweetest forever. 

11 Important Vastu Tips for Better Homes.

Happy home is all we need and want forever.. right..!! Home is not a home if it doesn't have a feel of peace, comfort, calmness in ...