Monday, 30 September 2013

Chalti ka naam zindgaani hai.

Doobti hui zindagi ko 
tinke ka sahaara ho jaata hai
badi badi leharo ki bich
kabhi kabhi kinara kho jata hai
par ruko nai.. yeh toh aati jaati ravaani hai
bus piche mood ke naa dekho kabhi
kyu ki ..chalti ka naam zindgaani hai.

Apno se nahi 
kabhi anjaano se pyar milta hai
phoolo pe nahi 
kabhi kaanto se aitbaar milta hai
dard toh maut mai nai.. chubti toh zindgaani hai
ulti sidhi jaisi bhi hai ..badhte jaao
kyu ki .. chalti ka naam zindgaani hai.

Roshni kho jaaye kabi
toh band surang si lagti hai
mil jaaye ek kiran bhi 
toh ek nayi umang si lagti hai
hasna rona ...bus do pal ki yahi kahaani hai
hum rahen na rahen yahan kal.. tum rukna mat
kyu ki .. chalti ka naam zindgaani hai.. !!

copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta

Sunday, 29 September 2013

3D & Layout.

Here's some ......... collaboration of layout with furniture work and 3D work.. just a post show both the works under one title. 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Pehli baar......!!

Woh hume chahane lage
hum unh se kuch chupaane lage
aayi meri duniya mai aisi bahaar
jeet ke bhi hum haar gaye 
jaane kyu hua aisa.. pehli baar.

Ushki ankhon ki gehraaiyo ne chuaa
dil dharka zoro se jaane aisa kya hua
jo na dekhun ushe..dil hota hai bekaraar
mil ke bhi mil naa paye hum
jaane kyu hua aisa ..pehli baar.

Nigaahein bayan karti hai dil ki baatein
aur karib laati hume yeh choti choti mulakaatien
ehsaash ho mera.. tumpe hee hai aitbaar
khud se zayada bharosa karne lage ush pe
jaane kyu hua aisa .. pehli baar.. !!

copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta

Duplex floor layouts.

In my previous post..  we shared some duplex interior and exteriors ... 3d work. Lets check out some... duplex plan layouts ...... floor layouts.

Amazing Interiors. (4)

The super work.. continues here .. ! Lined up with the legacy of well designed spaces...  great furniture .. amazing decor idea's and comfort. 

A well planned spaces always gives a well designed and decorated look. Take your first step of planning very carefully and intelligently...!!

Think bit different from the and plan idea's to get a different and unique clean look of designs and plans.

So, here was the last post of amazing interior's... interesting ..isn't it..! 

Friday, 27 September 2013

Impressive Home Decors..!!

Home decor.. a surprising work tool..which can bring in the drastic changes and effects to the spaces without much of the expenditure and efforts. Just the right placement .. perfect accessories (at times even home made articles).. can bring in the required magic. Check out the surprising packages below. 

Small.... but impressive and effective work ..of decor's.. right..!! That's why...i got to share them with you all. 

Home Study Designs & Tips

At times.... if office is just not enough for your work .. few people desire to get a home study or an office for work. Designed in a informal space .. yet all the formal requirements should be taken care off..! At times.. some people have work from home offices.. so you need to be very much specific about the designs and decor's according to the client's needs and taste. 

Keep in a comfortable ..atmosphere to work in ..with uninterrupted illumination .. smooth and cool air flow and ventilation .. easy going and comfortable work desk .. and lots of storage spaces to segregate  the work files and documents. 

Keep around the light weighted furniture .. and accessories ..or according to the taste of client. Do not panic with .. messy designs and decor's. Give in a simple and formal looks with a secretive connection to home interior's. 

Provide a site of informal side ....... just to give in a relaxing atmosphere ... to keep person cool and calm at work. 

Indoor plants, few home decor accessories , chairs or sofa set for two to four person ..etc. makes a good and comfortable blend of formal and informal requirements. So, ready to design your or ....for your client ..a "super home study / office". 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Duplex Homes. ( 3ds Max work)

Hie friends ......sharing few duplex homes views... ! With adding in few inside images as well. 

'Design Forecast "2019".

Interior designing is a continuous process of evolution and bringing in the new changes to merge up well with the upcoming generations and...