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Furnishing fabrics.

Furnishing fabrics.. plays the most important role in the dressing of doors, windows, sofa etc. Give it a material which has an atheistic appeal,  durability , cost efficient and suits your present and future interior designs and decors. But before choosing the appropriate material, color for your furnishing needs do not forget to browse the market of fabrics available and compare their advantages and disadvantages before making your final selection. This will help you come out with the desired looks, designs and will be efficient for your pocket.

RAYON is the most widely used man-made fiber in upholstery because of its versatility and extensive color range. It is often blended with cotton, an equally important upholstery fiber  It can be made to resemble cotton, wool or silk. It has a soft feel, absorbs dyes well, offers luster and durability and is fairly resistant to sunlight and wear. Rayon, however, is less resistant than some other fibers to mildew, oil and grease.

NYLON - its durable , resiliency and soil abrasion resistance. It is the
predominant fiber used for flocked fabrics. This exceptionally strong man-made fiber dyes well and resists fading, but is neither as soft nor as absorbent as some other fibers. 

OLEFIN, commonly known as polypropylene, has a softer feel than nylon. It also offers great durability, built-in soil and abrasion resistance, and color fast-ness. Unlike many other fibers, Olefin must be solution dyed. While this assures lasting color  it limits the spectrum. Olefin's resistance to mildew makes it practical in humid climates.

ACRYLIC, often used in knits and woven velvet's  is soft, lightweight and resistant to sunlight. Because it holds its shape well, it won't bag after continued seating. It also takes color well and is resistant to chemicals, moths, oils and abrasion. It is, however, neither as durable as nylon nor as absorbent as cotton. 

POLYESTER, while not presently a major upholstery fiber  is making inroads in the jacquard or print cloth markets. It is easy to clean, fairly resistant to sunlight and wear, and absorbs dyes well. It offers good drapability, is very durable and resists wrinkles. It, however, is not as resistant to piling, oil and grease or soil as some other fibers  Polyester is also used as a fiberfill - cushioning material for upholstered furniture.

COTTON, a natural vegetable fiber  is an important upholstery fabric both alone and in blends. It is strong, absorbent, offers a nice strong feel, accepts color well, and has a fair resistance to wear. Cotton is easy to clean, but it wrinkles and soils easily unless it is treated with a fabric protection solution. While cotton is highly resistant to heat, it loses strength in sunlight, has a tendency to yellow and can be affected by mildew. 

SILK, is the strongest of the natural fibers  offers luxuriousness, resiliency, good drapability and beauty. It, however, has only fair abrasion resistance, tends to water-spot easily, and is expensive.

WOOL, a luxurious natural fiber that comes from sheep fleece, offers durability, drapability and resiliency. Unless treated, wool can be damaged by moths, and its surface tends to attract dust, bacteria and dirt particles. Like silk, wool is costly, but it is a popular fiber in colder climates.

 So, after the little discussion and knowing a bit about ... fabrics..its always easy to choose the appropriate one for your dwelling, offices or other spaces... isn't it. Get started........ explore the material world before you choose.. this will help you with your projects do well... will be helpful for your pockets and the best thing is ..its gonna give you the best of designs and materials...!!


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