Friday, 28 November 2014

Naa badhte kadmo se pyar hai..!

Patchad tha mosam ka 
bus wahi patchad teh umar reh gaya
dil se koshish ki nibaane ki
panna zindagi ka imtihaano mai beh gaya
ab naa umid bachi, naa lakiro pe aitbaar hai
bus hai ek safar jispe chalte rehna hai
naa khawabo ki moj hai, naa badhte kadmo se pyar hai.

Dharkein royi itna..
ki palko ki nami tak khafaa hogai 
socha tha dil toh mera apna hai 
par dil ki ahatien tak bewafa hogai 
naa badalte hue sama hai, naa ab koi intzaar hai
bus khamoshi door door khiche mujhe
naa khawabo ki moj hai, naa badhte kadmo se pyaar hai. 

Sukhe patte bhi udh kar 
apni manzilo ki talaash pe chale jate hain
khawabo ke jab taar bhikarte hain
apne bhi praaye nazar aate hain 
naa rab sunta meri, naa apni ibaadato pe aitbaar hai
yuhi udhte chale jaaten hain idhar se udhar
naa khawabo ki moj hai, naa badhte kadmo se pyaar hai...!! 

Metallic Touch - Interiors.

Metallic is the new sound of finishing for real elegant, bold, sophisticated and stunning interiors. Go for a real rich and royal look with different kind of metallic laminates, wall paneling, different kind of metallic tiles for floor and walls. Make a huge difference with just a minor change in design ideas and patterns choose for your interiors. 

Let the walls go more rustic with the touch of iron on it with the simple and tough looking tiles combinations or laminates pasted on it. Make your interiors look classy and sophisticated with the smooth and sexy combination of steel laminates on the walls as wall paneling and tiles on the floor. 

Make a huge difference in looks, durability, style and appeal with the metallic textures for counter top of kitchen, hotel reception, office desk or office reception area. It not only gives a shiny, glossy, classy or mat finish look as per your choices but also fabricates your interiors with everlasting beauty and seduction. 

Such metallic combination match's up well with every kind of designing weather it is traditional, eclectic, modern or ethnic. They are a good match with every kind of furniture as well. No specific demand for any specific furniture types or material to get blend with it easily.

Make your bath area, washroom zone more attractive and unique just by bidding goodbye to the regular and common pattern of bathroom tiles series. Make a strong knock of difference and attitude with the metallic touch on walls, floors and counter top.Impression at its best.

Wooden flavor, bold and beautiful raw stones texture, mix match of wood, stone or metal etc. is not doubt a striking combination but giving a chance to the metallic part of designing in worth it. Cover up your formal and informal spaces with the real sophistication, charm, beauty and show stopper interior designing just with the help of metallic tiles, metallic laminates, wall panelings etc. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Handle-less Kitchen Designs.

Kitchen space is one of the area which so full of storage, cabinets, pull out drawers isn't it ! Transform your kitchen into a seamless and uninterrupted beauty with the these inherent storage that too without handle on a single cabinet or drawers. Make it mess free and complete beauty with handle less kitchen concept. 

Get the most elegant, sophisticated and modular compact kitchen with the push door open cabinet and drawers system. No need to put in your efforts to look out for the perfect matching handle for your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Just install a push button inside all the cabinet doors, drawers etc. to get a handle free kitchen settings. 

Handle less kitchens take less space to get installed, they are hassle free, no chances of getting your hand scratched by handle while moving around, they are easier to clean, maintain, suits your personality, adds an instant chic to your kitchen designs and uplifts your kitchen status. 

Handle less kitchen is not only pleasing to the eye but it makes easy to work in the space. Just a slight push to the cabinets and drawers and here you get your cabinets open. They are applicable to all the kind of material; wood cabinets, glass cabinets, metal frame cabinets, etc. There is not limitation for any material or any color for putting in your kitchen handle less. It has versatile options to satisfy your design needs. 

Handle-less kitchen doors with push open mechanism works brilliantly and efficiently for every type of kitchen style; L shape kitchen, U shape kitchen, one wall or gallery type kitchen, two wall kitchen, Inland kitchen etc. Push open handle-less kitchens work by gently pushing the surface of the door, drawer or stay-lift to open it. 

Make your kitchen world go more comfortable, amazing, eye catching and add a personified personality to the space with push door mechanism. It is amazing style of adding class, getting more space to work, easy installation and easy maintenance. 

Let your kitchen go handle less and you go carefree and mess free for your kitchen work and appearance...! 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Foyer light design settings.

Foyers basically the entrance hall or open are of the building used to access the interiors and exteriors by the people. It can be said as the key of entrance inside the home, office, hotel etc. It can be a big hall types area or a small entrance space as well. But whatever the size may be as it is the first step inside a building should be well-designed, adored, illuminated for a pleasing welcome and to create a positive ambiance around. 

Illuminate the foyer area with lots of general light and decorative light. Decorative light may list up with modern, compact or traditional chandeliers. Keeping your foyer out of darkness and dullness is one of the most important thing. Let the entrance of your home sweet home be lighted up and well decorated. 

While providing the general lighting you need to greet your guest, family and friends with the warmth of some decorative and aesthetic light works as well to assure safe,lighted up passage to the other rooms of the house, office, hotel etc. 

You may go for flush mounted, semi-flush mounted, pendant lights, chandeliers, florescent foyer lights etc. depending upon your light requirements, area, personal choices and budget. Not just install the lighting but do keep a control on lighting with the variety available in the market. 

Different kind of light shades for hanging lights, flush lights and semi-flush lights plays a good medium of controlling the amount of light to be emitted according to your choices. As too much of sharp lighting may glare up the eye sight and on the other hand dull lighting may ruin up your designing plans keeping the area in darkness and dullness.  

Charm up your foyer entrance hall or area with decorative and general illumination to get a dull free and elegant look. Greet your guests with the best be ambiance and warm welcome with such light settings. Light up the way to your home interiors with seductive and sweet settings of light. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Sleek glass walls.

Interiors with sleek glass walls are a class of royal touch and beauty and these days are going quite popular to enhance the beauty of interiors and exteriors of the architectural construction. Glass has always been a powerful element to design architecture since ages. They have the impact to grow interiors into wonderful and beautiful spaces with their visual impressions and clean tidy fabrication. 

Fabricate your interiors with big glass walls, sleek and tidy looks, seductive impressions and get well connected to the nature. Welcome morning sunny notes to your living room, bedroom or at home library. Make your evenings go more crazy, romantic with the silent moon walking inside your interiors with the help of glass walls. 

Make your kitchen and dinning area look stunning, more refreshed and awesome with long glass walls. They not only intimate you with designing wonders but they do allow ample of sunlight, natural ambiance inside the space. Glass walls are quite easy to maintain, wipe them with regular glass cleaner once a day and get the uninterrupted pleasure of nature forever. Make your days go more greener and refreshing with the touch of greenery around. 

Pamper your living room, kitchen area, bedroom etc. with wooden flooring and wooden wall paneling to get well connected smoothly with the glass wall. It is the perfect blend up match to get the raw, smoothing and attractive interiors forever. Make a unique knock of glass world inside your interiors to get a classy touch of designing. 

As glass walls hardly engage any huge amount of floor and ceiling area, they are perfectly suitable for creating partition inside the room if required.Take full use of floor area of each big room and transform it into the multitasking or multipurpose space for better utilization of space and interiors. 

Make your world beautiful, tidy, scratch free and clear with the presence of glass walls in the the interiors. Adore your interiors with the class of glass. 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Wall Washer lights.

Not just light up your over all room, but do take care of walls as well. Don't let them reside in the dullness or the darkness. Give a perfect show off to your wall with wall washer light treatment. Wall washer lighting can add an extra dimension to any room or space.

Create sense of drama, interest and style in the room with hidden wall washer light. Vertical light falling on the wall gives it more of the aesthetic appeal. They can add mood, valuable lighting to the room giving it a feel and a personal touch. Create romance, charm, mood, moon light effects, etc. with variety of wall washer lights available in the market. 

Wall washer lighting are  available in many finishes, style and patterns and can be switched or un-switched according to your personal requirement, mood, to match the room harmony etc. Whatever style you choose, you can be sure that a wall washer will add style and functionality to any room. Give your living room media center wall, bedroom bed headboard wall, kids play zone wall, etc. a new and interesting look forever. 

They have the immense power to add mood value by reflecting different lights to the room. They can be just put on in case of getting dim light or a room with personal touch effects. Wall washer lights are quite good enough to enhance the beauty of long galleries, office bays, etc. They silently work for you creating a feel, relaxation and special touch wherever placed. 

So let the light fall on every wall and let the wall fall in love with that light effects. Create design and mood magics with wall washer lights to charm up your personal and professional life. Make your interiors more worth it and interesting with the presence of wall washers and their sensual effects..!! 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Tumse hume kitna pyar tha..!

Naa narzgi beyaa hui meri 
naa chahat ko kabhi zuba mili
nafrat ki aankhon mai mohbaat thi basi
naa barsat ke baad koi dhup khili
bus ek apni dharkon ka aitbaar tha
na suna kabhi, naa kaha kabhi
tumse hume kitna pyaar tha.. !

Bebasi ki chadar mai 
lipti hui yeh mohabaat aayi
door door tak bas sanaate the 
sor machaye har pal tanhaai 
ruthe mosam the, dil ko phir bhi intzaar tha
ehsaas karke bhi keh naa paaye kabhi
tumse hume kitna pyaar tha..!

Mere dil ki chori hui 
ilzaam bhi mujh pe lag gaya 
apno ka hua ajnabee chehra 
dil todhne wala dil mai bus gaya 
matlabi palo ka naa jane kaisa woh didaar tha
ladkhadati rahi chahat meri ..par keh na paaye
tumse hume kitna pyaar tha.. !! 

Elegant hardwood furniture designs.

Wooden furniture is always being one of my favorite to install inside interiors. But furniture made of pure hardwood .. crafting, designing and styling is an elegant piece to adore your interiors. Laminates, plywood furniture, etc. are special in their own way, but the class of real hardwood furniture is un-comparable with the rest. 

When it comes to the purity of wooden furniture to be installed at home it gives a real pleasure to get it soon for the space. The texture of wood, pattern of wood, sweet smelling wooden furniture is always a temptation for wooden furniture lovers. They are very simple yet elegant and sober to get installed to enhance the beauty of your interiors. 

They add in a different flavor of quality interiors when join the hands of your designing team. Your wish to cover it with any laminate or polish etc. but at times keeping it raw gives the real rich and royal look the space. 

Make your world more sophisticated, amazing, appealing, aesthetic, unique and eye catching with the collection of such wooden charm in your home or official space. They are modern with the pinch of traditions blended to it. They are durable, tough and high quality product for a long life service to you. Make some room for pure wood, ask some plywood laminated furniture to take rest and a step back. Wooden texture is now or never.. !! Hit it.. !! 

Diwali Wishes ... !!

Here's wishing all my viewers, readers, well wishers a very Happy, prosperous and bright Deepawali. May this festive season brings in u...