Friday, 23 December 2016

Furniture Design- 3dsMax Vay.

Here is my stylish yet simple bed furniture design fabricated on 3dsMax Vray. All the views- Isometric view, front view, top view and side view.  

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Beautiful Door for Beautiful Exteriors.

It is said exterior speaks about the inner beauty of every space. Door is the key to impress your family and friends right from the starting step of your home, office or building. Here are few impressive and different door designs which will never miss a chance to impress any passer by even. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Bedroom Styling - 3ds Max.

My Stylish wooden paradise bedroom idea. Played with wood along with some red flavor for the newly weds. 

9 Quick & Impressive Christmas Decorations.

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way.. yes we keep reminding our-self and keep singing the carol as soon as the month of Christmas knock our doors. So the festive and celebrations season is here and we all have to be well prepared for a decent, impressive and touching decoration all over.. right..! Here are few impressive, quick and efficient Christmas decor ideas to fill in your homes office and space with charm, celebration spark and fun. 

Let the corner of the homes, beside the staircase etc. get used up for a quick and impressive Christmas decor. Place a small and sweet table Christmas tree at the corner covering it will few of the Christmas bells, balls and other string hangings. Use the corner well to grace the staircase or room design.

Simple wall and hand made ceiling hangings will do the work. Mix up well ...yes... the red, white and green theme to cheer up for celebration time. 

Lights ..yes how can you forget lights and leave them behind when we are talking about Christmas decorations. Instead of hanging the lights over walls, roofs etc. coil them up in the jar or a corner of your room.

Hanging of different color lights or ceiling hanging can create magic equally well just like re, white and green theme. 

Cuddle up your fireplace with some different color theme to get a complimented and stylish Christmas decoration. Let the shocks,bells, strings etc. hug your fireplace area to make it look different. 

Step wise decoration for the staircase is always in fashion and has an ever green effects of stylish decor. 

Let the snow balls be decorated with few sweet spellings like joy, happy, smile, hugs etc. 

Heart shape hangings are normally preferred by people during the valentine month but trust me it works equally good during Christmas month as well. 

Snow flacks, cotton balls, stars are quite common Christmas decoration. Mix up your Christmas decorations well with different colored paper balls, paper hangings etc. Mix up the color well for more of the different and stylish look. 

Christmas is the season to celebrate,to be happy, to enjoy, to welcome the new year, to pray, to spread peace and happiness so make it more beautiful and impressive with quick decor ideas. No need to waste lots of time and money on expensive decor items. Let your Christmas become merry with simple merry and sweet decorations. Merry Christmas everyone.. ! 

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Best of 8 Interior Design " 2016".

"2016" was a year full of design, new ideas, innovative creativity and styling touch to the interiors and exteriors. Now as this year is  biding final goodbye to us in no time lets get our-self's a throwback of design ideas and creativity of the season. So here is a small glimpses of design ideas of year "2016". We just can't afford to miss the best of 10 design ideas of this year.

Romantic smooth touch of design of a well planned bedroom. It has the sweetness of romance, reflection of purity and it compliments very well to the newly weds. 

Gallery kitchen associated with Eco friendly benefits, having a wonderful charming colored flooring which gives it  an additional design attraction to it. Purity of white, pleasure of grey and charm of colorful flooring makes it look completely different and aesthetics from regular kitchen ideas.

Blue living room is as cool as any designer's mind and imagination. Clam of pink and colorful cushions simply completes  the pleasure of being be-seated in the room. 


Home office or a Study corner with a relaxing aura and stress free styling is all we need when it comes to deal with work at home ..right.. !! This design is the perfect definition to provide us that comfort and work pleasure. White drains out all the stress, brown fills in the energy to your work and the window provides you with the refreshment you need to have in-between work hours. 

Perfect living room design for the hilly areas. Warmth of sun kissing your design styling, Eco friendly touch to pamper your personal design desires and wooden flavor with some brown fabric around to make it as awesome and natural as it can be.

At times we need to step forward and get something which is out of the regular design ideas and patterns. This dining area is simply the definition of bold and beautiful designing. Completely different and has the spark to charm up your inner feelings and mood.

Peace and calm yet another name of white and calm designing. Living room with such design gives you the pleasure of peace and calm which we are looking for in our busy life, It might be lost but found it here with the calmness of white and purity of its feel. 

Office is not just a place to work, it is a place to create new ideas, get more into the creative skills, deal with different kind of people ...right!! To achieve the perfection and positive results in work one needs to work in such an aura which is full of creative yet smooth ideas, relaxing style and should have a personal touch to get that feel of comfort. This office has all those ingredients which I am talking about. 

Years come and go but what remains are the memories, design ideas which survive for upcoming years, trends which spreads like fire, designing which never comes to an end. Yes, almost everything  has limits, have an expiry date but trust me design never comes with any expiry data and limitation. Interior Design gets more and more refined, new and classy with the changing and passing by time. Best of 8 Interior Design "2016" is one of  them. Although every design leave their foot prints and memories with the passing by year but few are special..  isn't it..!! With the final closure of 2016 and warm memories from the same here .. wishing all my viewers, readers a pleasant happy and successful 2017 New year. Happy and Designing New year. 

Friday, 28 October 2016

12 Top Table Styling & Presentation.

With the knock of festive season where we all are busy with cleaning up and decorating our homes and office it is equally important to design up and cheer up the table settings. Dining table, center table, side table or a corner table ..they all need our special attention during festive season. So here are few impressive, classy, royal and stylish table presentation, decors and styling. Make your guests, home, friends and even festive season feel special with impressive presentation. Garnish love, affection and personal touch to your guests and family with it.. !! 

Thursday, 27 October 2016

11 Top Furnishing Ideas for Living Room.

11 Top furnishing Ideas to make your living room look wow, stylish, magnificent and adorable. Modern yet sober, stylish yet simple and with a touch of designers creative side and style. 

Diwali Wishes ... !!

Here's wishing all my viewers, readers, well wishers a very Happy, prosperous and bright Deepawali. May this festive season brings in u...