Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Designing close to nature.

Interior designing is a profession where we are free to create our home and offices according to our choice .. and likes. We have the freedom to live our designs as we like them to be. If you are a nature lover person.. wanna be close to nature.. here are few refreshing ideas .. which can bring you really close to nature forever.

Let the free flow of sunlight .. and air enter your room..through the wall size windows.. open area.. and skylights. Get a refreshing look every morning ..n count stars lying inside your room.

Create few walls with glass panels ..rather than of bricks or wood. Let nature hug you every morning, evening.. and night. Glow up your world with natural light .. shinning stars.. and cool air. 
Glass panels, glass doors, glass walls .. are few of the options which join your hands to invite nature to your home and rooms.

Its simple part of designing..with a very elegant and dignified look. Go green with your open up glass surroundings .. walls and panels. Get the pleasure of living under the stars and hugging sunlight every day.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Long Walls Decor.

Long walls have their own need to be fulfilled terms to designing and to get a better ..fully covered and dressed up look.
Here sharing few ideas of such wall dressing ..for long walls..which might help you up with some simple and easy solutions for your lengthy walls.

Cover them randomly with some art prints, tiles, wall papers etc. Or fix it up with different kind of wall art paintings, pictures, wall hangings etc. Let them get dressed up in a united harmonized manner of design sense.

It may a partition wall ..of office, living room, residence, it may be a part of rooms structural walls. You just need to cover it with all your love and creation to give it a unique and sweet look.

Different kind of pictures ... digital color pallet ... 3d tiles art.. are few of the latest and amazing options to carry on for dressing up a long wall. 

How amazing it is.. wall gives a full fledged room ..cover.. privacy to us.. then why can't we provide a super dress up to it...!! Come lets make walls happy for happier spaces.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Inner Courtyard Designs & Tips

A courtyard inside the house can be a peaceful relaxing area. They give you the feel of the outdoors and the privacy of your home.
Inner courtyards a special place to sit back and relax.. !! Pamper them.. love them.. give them that adorable touch which you always wanted to give to your own personal private place to count stars under the sky.

Cushion them up for a comfortable soft seating.. get more of the leg room with benches or stool. For that of the natural look ..use of Wooden flooring ... wooden furniture ..accessories is recommended. 

Cover few patches with limestone, pebbles, grass.. etc. For that wow feel... accommodate a small sweet pond around with few of the seasonal flowers and colorful pots. Rest leave on the illumination effects. Your exterior private place is all set to give you the pleasure of evening ..and freshness of morning.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Office Layouts.

Commercial office layouts with furniture payment.

Classroom layout for 14 students. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Cool Combo's for Summer.

Heat of humid dirty summer is always killing.. You need to put up yourself in the space which is much more cool .. have that calming effect and gives a relaxing harmony to your senses.

Figure out your interiors with cool colors ..let the walls get absorbed in the cool hues of blue, green with the pure combination of white to it.

Catch up the eye smoothing effect with hues of blueish tints .. ! Such combination is an evergreen combination..which mixes up well with all the seasons and decor's. 

Reduce the effect of heat .. with some fabrics as well... ! Include curtains, blinds, bed sheets, etc. into the blend of cool combinations. 

If its not wall paints which can be changed in every 6 months or a year .. then you may jump upon the super combo's of wall papers. Easy to install and change accordingly whenever you feel like. 

Slip covers, curtains, blinds, bed-sheets .. etc. are more easy options which carry changing flexibility year round. Its your home..make it more cool and calm..with appropriate changes for this summer. 

Magical Pink Interiors ....

Pink lovers is something really good and happening for you. Pink is said to be basically for kids or girls.. but I guess.. there is no limitations to design and creativity. Pink is the color which has power to rule at any space .. in any amount.. because of its soberness, charm, sweetness and attractiveness.

Pink home library ... for those who look for a peaceful and sweet corners to read at home. Enjoy your time with your books... !! Pink will your partner of book reading enjoyment. :)

Pink home office/ study. After a hectic and tiring day you need to relax back while taking up more of the work at home. Pink is the perfect option for your work to be continued in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Kitchen in pink.... sounds really different..isn't it.. !! But pink gives a sober , cool and calm place to work when you have are investing all your time in the most heat consuming area. 

Pink Bedroom always create that sweet romance for the couple who lives in. Mix it up well with other colors like white, red or purple to get that really seductive interiors and feel. 

Pink can rule in a living room atmosphere even. Most of the living rooms are found in cream, white, yellow, light green or light blue. Pink will be a sweet sense of change for living room area.

Pink bathroom for a sweet lovable and adoring interior's. Blue and green are the most common bathroom colors..but if given a chance to will never disappoint you. Enjoy your private and relaxing time in the arms of pink. 

So, pink is a versatile color to add in your designing dictionary ..isn't it.. !! Its charm and soberness can create magics beyond your thinking and expectation. After all it speaks the language of "love". 

Come fall in love with your Interior's as well.. !!! :) 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

12 Modern & Bright Bathroom Designs.

Top 12 bathroom designs well planned with brightness and mod looks. Representing you today's stylish and clean bathroom. 

Most of the magic is of bathroom tiles collection , tiles patterns and laminates. You may cover walls with bright colors / paints as well. 

Time to get such classy and elegant bathroom designs for your residence... !! Just an eye opener to catch the beauty of today's magical powers of interior design for each and every space of residence. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Vertical Indoor Garden.

Vertical indoor garden ..a trendy and Eco friendly way to design and decor. In reality, what looks merely decorative is a carefully planned and balanced system of water, nutrients, power system, pumping, and of course plant-friendly lighting.

It's a garden with a lot of technology behind its relaxing green facade. 

You need to take care of this tech-garden .. basically maintenance step are :

  • Appropriate sunlight or lighting according to your plants.
  • Choose durable plants that have shallow roots and do not require a lot of water.
  • A UV filter so grey water could be used.

  • ·  Inspect plants for overall health and moisture levels.
  • ·  Trim and clean of all foliage as necessary.
  • ·  Inspect plants for pests or disease.
  • ·  Inspect water level in the holding tank and replenish as necessary.
  • ·  Remove of any debris from the holding tank as necessary.
  • ·  Inspect pumps and timers and clean filters.
  • ·  Apply fertilizer through the irrigation system as necessary.
  • ·  Replace any failed plants or irrigation components.

Vertical garden goes well at :

  • Living room.
  • Bedroom.
  • Balcony.
  • Office Cabin
  • Waiting zones at office spaces.
  • Place it at small office desk.
  • Office lobby.
Well to do .. excellent to place .. and always green fresh to get. An appropriate choice for Eco-friendly and green interior's. Trendy.. stylish... and evergreen.

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