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Classy Modern Master Bedroom Designs.

Classy catch of modern master bedroom design to let your dreams come true, to let your fantasies touch the floor of reality. Modern bedroom designs comprises of comfort, design styling, nice back rest of bed side, seating arrangements, couch, rug, some of the romantic accent lighting, a floor which is resilient and works according to your choices,table for two to share the cup of coffee, a wall with entertainment unit (media center), king size bed with side tables, if needed then side table lamps etc.  

If you have enough of ceiling space you might opt for a medium size chandelier to make your impression more larger and impressive. Let the curtains touch the window screens, make your ceiling go impressive with light and sober designing. 

Full wall window gives a complete look to your master bedroom design if it is connected with a balcony, garden area or an open terrace. A view from outside can add a pinch of spice and sweetness to your married life .. to make it more sweeter and naught…

Raasta toh tumhara hai.

Kuch palko ko haq nai hota khawab sajaane kakuch yaadon ko ashiyan nai hota bas jaane ka bus ek dard hai, jaane woh kyu itna karaar hai hum chahe yaa naa chahe aye befawa-e-zindagi  anjaana hee sahi .. raasta toh tumhara hai.. !
Bhatki muskurahto se aasun toh nai chipte tuti umeedo ke zakham kabhi nai dikhte  bus jeena mera kuch saanso ka ishaara hai bahaaro ka rang chuttaa kahin piche kadam bhalaye hee mere ho.. raasta toh tumhara hai.. !
Kal ki sihaai aaj ka panna likh gai  aankhon ki gahraai mai woh chuban dikh gai yuh toh tadpa bahut par aab yeh dil awaara hai fuk fuk aage bhade hum phir bhi  begaana hee sahi  .. raasta toh tumhara hai...!

Mesmerizing Cafe Design Ideas

Cafe .. the informal way to catch up some time with your friends, family, even office colleagues etc. It is like "take a break" from your hectic schedules and have some fun with your close ones. No need for any formalities.. a casual design approach works the best here. You have the liberty to mix up your ideas and blend them well to pour out the best of designs and informal comfortable catchy looks for your clients. 

A very true saying is "variety is spice of life" and it perfectly fits to the cafe designing. No need to follow a single theme, you can play with different themes, pattern, geometric art, wall designs etc. to get the flavor of personal touch and styling. Remember you are basically designing for a young generation and they love the variety above repeated patterns and designs. They like the causal and informal way. 

You may keep it rough tough at a side, you may play with the simplicity of design at the other part, to mix well with different pat…

Boutique Interior Design & Tips.

With the retail shopping, brand showrooms, upcoming malls, etc. fashion boutiques are making good place in the town. They have their unique attraction, collection and impression to pull the clients in. Although they sound to be a normal shop but they have their own requirements, design concepts and they have to play with different idea to present and exhibit their collection of cloths, accessories, bags, etc. Giving any of the boutique a unique, different and seductive design you need to play with a clever, charming and soft mood. Here are few tips which might help you to fabricate one of the best boutiques in the town..!!

Design of any particular boutique depends upon the type of boutique it is. It may deal with only male cloths and accessories, it may deal with all the feminine products, accessories, or it might even comprise of kids collection. Respective collection of particular boutique comes with the conclusion of design styling, theme and decor ideas to be implemented. 

As we all…

Tutne naa dena aitbaar ko..!

Sabdo ko bechne nai ..bus kuch baatein karne aaye hain
ehsaas jo dhabe hai dil mai.. unhse mulaqaate karne aaye hain
aaj ki zindgi mai jaane kab kal badal jaate hain 
pathar se araam kabhi ..yuhi pighal jaate hain 
apni zid ko kabhi, jalaane naa dena pyaar ko
mann jo sacha hai tumhara 
sath nibbhana ushka .. tutne na dena aitbaar ko.

Abhi jo pal dafan hua ..kya pata kal woh jeene lage
ishq jo sukh gaya tha .. rass zindgi ka peene lage
hosh ka kya hai ..woh toh yuhi madhosh ho aate hain
ashiyaane mai dil ke .. ehsaash jagah woh paate hain 
chaho jo kisi ko .. toh juthlana naa ushke intzaar ko 
sirf kehne ki nahi yeh baatein 
sath nibbhana ushka .. tutne naa dena aitbaar ko.

Juth ki lehar se.. chahat ka samndar doob jata hai
ek choti si galti se .. khud ka khuda rooth jata hai
tasviro ko nahi .. har kadam takdiro ko badlo 
ishq jo sacha hai tumhara .. haatho ki lakiro ko badlo
pujnaa ushko har pal.. jisne zindgi di tumhari haar ko 
pathro mai jaan aajati sachi chahat se
sath nibbhana ushka ..tutne naa dena…

Dil ushse mohbaat karne laga.

Jo naa hona tha , jaane kaise hogaya 
chalti raahon mai, dil kaise khogaya 
door talak aab koi nai, bus ushka chehra hai
khyaalo mai woh, ehsaaso mai bhi rang ushka gehra hai
manaya khud ko, dil humse bagawat karne laga 
chal pada ushki chaal par 
kab se, jaane kaise, dil ushse mohbaat karne laga. 

Chingaari giri koi, jaise kahin aag lag gai 
haatho ki lakiro ne andaz badle, jaise koi nishani-e -suhag lag gai
mann naa bhula ushki ek tasvir ko 
chahe dil jud jaaye, sang bhande hum takdir ko
mosaam ne badlne se pehle ush se chahat karne laga 
hum baadal sang ban udh chale 
kab se, jaane kaise, dil ushse mohbaat karne laga.

Woh jo naa hai, toh duniya mai meri tanhaai hai
thaamu jo hath ushka.. toh khushiyo mai sondhi gehrai hai
utha le jo kadam woh, ankhen moonde sang chal padun mai
puchu naa jaaye kahan ..bus ushki rang dhalu mai
dheere dheere dil mera ushki yuh ibadat karne laga 
woh hai toh ..main hu yahan
kab se, jaane kaise, dil ushse mohbaat karne laga. 

Amazing Restaurant Designs.

Restaurant not only a place to go out for your meals but it is a kind of small family time, a  break from daily schedule. Not just the food which makes you happy and keep calling for the same place but it is the ambiance and the over all design work of any restaurant which makes you feel homely, comfortable and enjoyable every moment you spend there. Here sharing few amazing restaurant designs which will make you feel go wow..!! 

No necessarily important to employ all the walls, all the space for seating area in a restaurant. You need to keep some space vacant, a wall vacant for that freedom, for that feel of space inside the room. Make even your smaller area look larger by adding a full glass wall to one side of the restaurant. Make it more comfortable, tangy, spicy and sweet with the flavors of some musical instruments hanging on the wall, go with a theme of say wood match up, natural stone raw looks, wild and beautiful with the nature connected to your restaurant space.. etc. 

Semi o…

Hanging Flower Baskets - Decorative & Impressive

Earlier were the days when we use to have own big house with outdoor exterior pleasures and landscaping but due to scarcity of land and hiked prices it is not possible for everyone to purchase a land plot and make their own house with exterior outdoor landscape designs. Plots and big houses space is being replaced by flat accommodation and due to flat accommodation it is not possible to have personal outdoor space but one can touch the feel and pleasure of outdoor styling, design, outdoor seating with their personal touch and design ideas with the help of hanging flower baskets. Make your balconies, half open terrace, door area beautiful, impressive and decorative by planting hanging flower baskets. 

Let it be a flat accommodation, small or big balcony, door area or simply a small open gallery even, these hanging flower baskets can bring in the lost life in you interior and exterior with their pleasant presence. Let your favorite flowers get place in your home, your balcony with the im…

Sofa Designs "2015"

Sofa with a modern language  of comfort seduction and in a refined form to suit your modern styling, eclectic needs and living style attitude. Days gone when sofa use to come with heavy wood work, rich fabric and deep stitched upholstery. They are quite light, durable, comfortable, with bright, vibrant and sober fabric according to your needs. They are quite good to match up your over all decors and styling without any limitation and restriction or special requirements. They mingle up quite easily with every kind of decor and design ideas.  

Make an impression larger than your imagination, deep rooted than your styling. Modern sofa design gives pleasure to keep them at home, they hardly need lots of space to get accommodated, quite light to move according to the needs and flexibility. Let the old sofa take it's back seat and upgrade your home with the new version of modern contemporary sofa 2015. 

Let your home get addicted to new range. Few of the sofa cum bed, sofa cum …