Monday, 25 May 2015

Amazing Restaurant Designs.

Restaurant not only a place to go out for your meals but it is a kind of small family time, a  break from daily schedule. Not just the food which makes you happy and keep calling for the same place but it is the ambiance and the over all design work of any restaurant which makes you feel homely, comfortable and enjoyable every moment you spend there. Here sharing few amazing restaurant designs which will make you feel go wow..!! 

No necessarily important to employ all the walls, all the space for seating area in a restaurant. You need to keep some space vacant, a wall vacant for that freedom, for that feel of space inside the room. Make even your smaller area look larger by adding a full glass wall to one side of the restaurant. Make it more comfortable, tangy, spicy and sweet with the flavors of some musical instruments hanging on the wall, go with a theme of say wood match up, natural stone raw looks, wild and beautiful with the nature connected to your restaurant space.. etc. 

Semi open restaurants or terrace roof top restaurants they all need a good design concept to go with, some uniqueness to call of the clients again and again, make it look better and best with the seating arrangement and styling you are going with. You may add up some traditional theme to your space, you may go with a country styling or add on the modern city attitude.

Create some private family seating arrangements, some of the couple seating spaces, make a hang out space for friends coming in to enjoy their time together, do not just limit your arrangements to a single style seating. Convey the message "it's for all the age groups - family and friends" with your design style, seating arrangements, decor styling and ambiance. 

Add colors, patterns, different designs to the space to make it look bright, peppy, charming and which adds an instant chic to your mood. Let the walls speak the beauty of your space with some texture, wall paper or by adding some paintings or sculptures to it. Basically you need to add live to walls, floor, ceiling to let it get connected well to the seating arrangement. 

A good restaurant in the city or in the town means .. a nice place to take a break from your daily schedules and busy life. Give a break and break the rules of long busy days with the pleasant, personal touch of amazing restaurant design..! 

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