Monday, 30 June 2014

Orange slice of Bedrooms.

Bedrooms with warm and bright Orange tints and shades make your life more warm, sweet and adorable....!!!  

Make your living more intimate, sweet and cozy with the ultimate affection and love of Orange around. 

Hotel room design.

If you are struck up with some hotel room projects, designing and architecture then here I have some simple and nice solutions. Few tips that may lift up  your hotel room designing and decors. 
Hotel rooms single or double .. couple room or a honeymoon suite need to very elegant, well designed, gathered up with all the comforts,brightness and amazing designing. Room should be welcoming, should have an awesome smooth and relaxing ambiance and should provide the feel of personal touch.  

Give the room a pleasant and neat look with some sober and calm colors on the walls. Cheer up the floor settings with some carpet or rug treatment. Let the ceiling get smoothly connected with floor and wall designs to give a perfect combo of a pleasant and well designed room. Make it more of the simple, sober, decent and calm room designing rather than mixing up badly with any bright or over vibrant combinations. 
Always remember, people come for a relaxing and calm holidays so a cool and calm room plays an important role them make here holidays successful and more happy. Achieve the touch of calmness with smooth combinations of light and sober colors. 

To give some spark to the room blend up the smooth and calm colors of walls with some bright and vibrant color furniture. It keeps the room interesting and cool as well. Fabricate the fabrics and upholstery design with some bold patterns or some regular patterns to fetch in the charm to the room. 
Make good and sensible use of bed headboard wall to cleverly achieve the most attractive and impressive emphasis of the room. Balance the designing of headboard wall by placing table lamps or hanging lights by its side. 

Couch up the bed end with a luxurious and comfortable couch for that complete bed set of comfort, romance and warmth. Make good use of illumination. Keep up adequate natural illumination as well as artificial illumination to eliminate dullness and darkness from the room. 
Segregate the bundle of joy with come comfortable and easy to use wardrobes or low height cabinets to arrange the room and keep it well managed and neat. 

Hotel room designing is an easy and interesting project to work on, you just need to place the elements of design in a perfect balanced manner with some clever and sweet efforts to harmonize the color pallet, furniture settings, fabrics, etc. in a single smooth tune. 
With good arrangement of designing and decor it is important to keep the room neat and clean with the atmosphere of warm welcome...!!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Storage ideas for every kitchen.

Big or small every kitchen suffers most of time with clutter, mess up and cramped spaces. One of the basic major reasons behind such mess is under or over use of the kitchen space given. Try to utilize your kitchen space in a organized and well designed manner to set a clutter free kitchen and get a comfortable easy going atmosphere to work. 

The very first step to get the cluster free and well organized kitchen is to understand your kitchen type, kitchen size and shape. Accordingly divide the kitchen space into different versatile compartments with different racks, shelves, cabinets, pull outs, drawers etc. Self learning and self understanding of the space is highly required to come out of such daily problems. Until and unless you will not understand your storage types requirements, purpose to keep your things in different racks and cabinetry it will be waste even if you settle down with a modular set of kitchen. 

Segregate your silver ware, glass ware, jars, plates, bottles, spice jars, etc. accordingly to place them in the respective cabinets, racks or selves. Customize your kitchen storage settings with different kind of cabinets, drawers, pull outs, appliance racks or pullouts etc. 
You need to manage each and every counter. Make your cook counter more manageable and easy to work with some base cabinets, overhead cabinets, few open racks, hooks to hang spoons, serving spoons, mixing spoons, knives, etc. Such kind of management will bring a definite change in your messed up kitchen. 

Gather up your all the utensils cleaning requirement under the sink cabinet with the help of modular and compact pull out racks or drawers. There is no point of wasting space under the sink area, better get it employed to take care of all the cleaning up materials like soaps, scrubbers, brushes etc. under one cabinet system to make it more systematic and neat. 

Time to organize your crockery in a well settled and well formatted manner. Figure out the space in your kitchen where you want to install your crockery set and which will be more flexible and easily accessible to you. Install crockery unit above the working counters or you may install a full floor to ceiling crockery unit to get more of the space and give a better stay and accommodation to your crockery sets. 


Kitchen is not a place to mess up with, a simple gesture of efforts and understanding can bring up good and well settled amount of space to work in easily. You just need to place all the modern, compact and modular sets of drawers, pull outs, racks, shelves, cabinets, etc. according to your purpose, requirement, kitchen size and shape. 

With full time storage ideas and cabinets installed it is actually also important to keep up some vacant spaces and vacant walls to let the kitchen breath fresh and cool. Over burden of cabinets and storage may ruin your kitchen setting ideas and may obstruct badly between your work progress. 

So, make your kitchen look beautiful, well managed, organized and carefree from clutter or mess.. !! 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Tanhaa se bekhbar.. !

Yuh chale the manzil ki ore daud kar 
raaste mai umidden tuti, chali gai kisi aur ghar
hume toh laga duniya ne hume bewafaai di
lotte ghar jo dekha apno ne hee tanhaai di 
tute patto ki tarah main bikharun dhar badar 
naa dhoop ka dar ..naa chaoo ka asar 
bus chalte rehte hai yuh ...  tanhaa se bekabar... !

Baandhne chale the muthi mai asmaan ke rang 
palat gai duniya meri naa koi sath naa sang 
yaadon ki khidki se khawabo ne dum tod dia
nadaan bewakuff the hum, aab humne bachpana chod dia
waqt ki lehro ne liye imtihaan aab ish kadar 
naa pehchaanu khud ko, na keh sakun tum kaun ho
bus chalte rehte hai yuh... tanhaa se bekhabar.. !

Sukun ki talaash mai aandhiyo se takraate gaye
teri wafa ki aash mai ghum mai bhi muskuraate gaye
do pal ki khushiyon ne zindagi ko kuchal dia
pyaar ki ush duniya ka har lamha aasuo mai badal dia
bus aab toh tere joothe waado ka hee hai yeh asar 
naa duniya sachi lage ... naa lage sacha koi fasaana
bus chalte rehte hai yuh ... tanhaa se bekhabar.. !! 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Dark & Vibrant colors for Interiors.

Framing Dark and vibrant colors for interiors can be interesting at times. We mostly prefer light and soft colors for interiors but for a change and for much of challenging designing you may opt for dark colors. They have their own unique quality of boldness and speaks the language of sophistication.

Chocolate brown, patch of black, dark purple, shade of blue can create an amazing aesthetically ornate visual impression if played carefully and tactfully with them.They can rule for years without creating any irritation and negative impact on the occupants. But you just need to be careful with such bright and dark colors. 

When dark colors are blended well with the over all decors and furniture of the room it comes up with a very clean and neat designing. It touch's the sky of royal class and status. 

No need to avoid dark colors even they can mesmerize your designing and spaces. Make your interiors better, more amazing and elegant with perfect play of dark and light colors around. Create the magic with the unlimited color palate with the trick full use of hue, shades and tints.  

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Luxurious Kitchen.

A cook place or a place which is all time busy and messed up with lots of work, heat, cooking etc. can be a stunning space as well.. ! Turn your kitchen area into a luxurious kitchen space and make your homes, villas, bungalows more impressive and speechless. 

Give a classy or cottage look, combine your design ideas with modern or modular styles, but make sure your kitchen area speaks up the language of luxury, class and royal looks. Make your kitchen work place more adorable and comfortable to work in. 

Pamper kitchen world with classy laminates, wood work, glass work, floor treatment, illumination effects and most importantly impressive color combination. 

Let the kitchen world get poured into the world of royal touch with luxurious settings and fittings. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Villa - Bungalow Floor Layout.

Planing to take up a plot and make a villa for your family.. then you must work hard for the first step of designing .. that's working out perfectly with a plan layout of the villa. Construct your home of dreams with the perfection of design and practical floor layout to get the best of it for years to come.

A villa is a big place to get constructed, so you better organize your plans well with all the room placements, furniture ideas, adding up an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, wonderful and attractive landscaping and many more such things to come. A villa consist of minimum of 3 to 4 bedrooms accompanied with wonderful bathroom area and amazing furniture design and placement of accessories.
Living area or family room is one of the most highly and expected area to be well designed and smoothly well placed connected with rest of the home. Make an impression with living room and continue footprints of wonderful work in each and every corner of the villa. 

Apart from interiors, ceiling design, floor design, furniture design, room layouts, accessories placements, etc. do take good care of a nice parking place for your vehicle and an amazing outdoor landscaping. Rejuvenate your sense of personal touch to the garden area and welcome your guests, family members and friends with a refreshing, fresh and evergreen landscape expressions and designing. 

Before starting up for a Villa work .. do consider a wonderful plan layout to lay down the first brick of success and perfection for your future home. 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Textured wall art for Interiors.

Texture wall art to give your interiors a unique space of design and attraction. They make your interiors a delightful space to live in. The unique and different texture designs gives it more of the interesting look. 

Apart from it's visual effect texture paints or texture wall art always protects your walls from UV damage, cracking and permanent staining. Texture paint consists of various resins and certain additives which, when the paint is dry, keep its texture intact.

They are very handy and trendy to make your furniture look more appreciable and adorable. They have the power to create visual impact which can enhance the beauty of your simplest furniture as well. They also cover up cracks or damage of the present wall. Its like getting a simple quick solution for your cracked or damaged wall without much of hard work and expenses. 

So, enhance the beauty of your interiors with just not texture ..but with texture art. Cover up unwanted patches, few damages, cracks of the wall. Grace up your furniture presence in your interior spaces.

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