Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wardrobe - Videopedia.

Videopedia of Wardrobe designing - Inside and outside.

Marble Tile Sheet.

Turn your interiors into a mesmerizing, styling, elegant, classy beauty with marble tile sheet. Make your floors speak the language of status, class and lifestyle. Designed in itself, no need for any extra efforts for designing ideas. 

Jaane Kismat ki ... !

Chal toh rahi hai .. par koi patta nai 
tarsaati hai pal pal .. par zindgai ki koi khatta nai
masoom kadmo ko .. kal se puri aasha hai 
pal tute pal bikhre... hum tute hum sambhale 
hai toh apni si hee.. par na jaane kismat ki kya bhassha hai.. !

Tute aaino mai bhi.. apni tasvir toh banti hai
gardisho mai sahi .. par woh takdir toh banti hai
naa kal ka patta ..naa aaj se koi niraasha hai 
naa woh boli kabhi.. naa main samjhee kabhi
hai toh apni si hee.. par na jaane kismat ki kya bhassha hai.. !

Khushiyon ka patta nai ..ghum toh apne sath hee rehta hai 
lafzo ka koi mol nai ... phir bhi dil kuch kuch kehta hai 
jitna nikle utna ulaj jaate hain..jaane yeh kaisi paribhaasha hai
hum toh haar bhi nai sakte ..
hai toh apni si hee.. par naa jaane kismat ki kya bhassha hai.. !! 

Snowfall Interiors - For this Summers.

Interiors with snowfall inside is simply so quite, calm, peaceful and amazing. Get some love and peace of winters with snowfall interiors by simply giving in the touch of pure white to your interiors.Make your summers sound cool, relaxing and calm with the purity and calmness of white. White is the color which rules in every section of interiors weather it is formal or informal. One has not to think much about it much. It has the power to rule over for years making the place look gorgeous and fantastic. 

Make your living comfortable, easy and above all stylish in elegant and royal manner with the bucket of white and add some pinch of other colors to it. It will go pleasant with brown, light green, cream, yellow, burnt yellow, blue etc. Make your dream come true of a "white house" or "white room" this summers. Beat the heat with royal treatment. 

Add an instant chic... uplift the idea of interiors with the smoothing, eye catching and jaw dropping white designs and interiors. I know few people will be saying like, white is not easy to maintain and all.. but try it on your walls rather then putting on the fabric section. White walls speaks the language of space. 

Not just make a house, in-fact create a home with the fantastic white. Add purity and positive to your home design flavor. Combination of white and blue with be a perfect snow fall interiors for your summers this season and for the upcoming years. It will rule the hearts of many. It has that long lasting magic in it...!! 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Variety of Marble.

There was a time when marble use to come only in two to three shades but with the changing time, technology, style and need even nature is helping us out to create beautiful homes, wonderful offices, luxurious resorts etc. with the abundant supply of variety of marble stones to enhance the beauty of interiors and exteriors. Nothing can replace the beauty, quality and styling of marble and here it is to prove my words ... different variety of marble for that aesthetic and brilliant looks. 

Choosing the appropriate marble texture, color etc. according to your desired and required home plans is not a challenge anymore. One can plan it quite easily with the available variety from the vast store house of God. 

Make your homes, shops, hotels, business place, etc. beautiful, lasting with quality grace and aesthetic styling with non other than marble beauty, different texture and colors of the stone. 

Diwali Wishes ... !!

Here's wishing all my viewers, readers, well wishers a very Happy, prosperous and bright Deepawali. May this festive season brings in u...