Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hot & Sweet Interiors.

Hot & Sweet combination of interior's... hotness and boldness of red when blended sweetly with peaceful pure  and cute white..bring out an unique combination of aesthetically designed interior's. 

Exclusive combination for exclusive bedroom, living area, kitchen, bathroom.... accessories set etc. 

Unique and bright combination to charm up your interior's setting. 

This hot and sweet flavor of colors gives a great feeling.. relaxing ...and purity comes from white and red pokes the emotions in you to come out and reveal your desires, love, feelings etc. 

Simply a slice of spicy and sweet delicious designing to admire for years... to comfort yourself for long time. No need to think much about it .. better to implement it and get the most cute ..evergreen designing and decor's for your spaces.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Exclusive Luxurious Bedroom Designs.

Luxurious bedroom designs..for an exclusive couple .. so full with every comfort .. awesome view.. atheistic and effective illumination ... super decor and wonderful planning. 

Exclusive luxurious bedroom can be of two types... one with the modern styling and decors and another with the royal touch of traditional designs and flavor. Choice is yours ..according to your design preferences, budget and needs. 

Whatever will be your choice .. modern or traditional .. these rooms are well equipped with all the atheistic and comfortable desires and designs. They are of royal unique and priceless gift to yourself and to your loved one. 

Pamper your bedroom desires, idea's, romance, love etc, with the wonderful awesome and unique luxury of an exclusive designer master bedroom and keep up your love life..sweet and spicy. 

Friday, 27 December 2013

Windowsill design idea's.

Window sill designs for a different..will utilized and comfortable window inner opening and views. Turn your window sills to a really useful and wonderful seating.. or designer corner ..rather than just leaving it as an architectural work. 

Take advantage of holiday and festive seasons... design and decor it with different glittery bottles, hangings, crystal items, etc. 

Change the designs and decors of the windowsill according to the changing seasons.. occasions.. etc. Easy and flexible to change. No constructional or architectural changes required ..just few ideas to apply with creative angle and get a new corner every time you need it. 

Let the winters get a warmish and cozy windowsill ..to welcome chilly waves of air.. ringing sweet sound of winters.. n keep it calm and cool with floral decors for summer freshness.

Create a seating area ..attached to windowsill... its like getting connected to outside world.. without stepping out .. and giving yourself a relaxing and peaceful time for a change .. or to stole some moments of love ..smiles .. with your family and loved one. Few architectural components and construction when used and utilized properly..can bring out the colors of unimaginably and amazing designs and decor. Do not limit yourself.. just design the world of your dreams. 

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Wishing all my friends, viewers, readers ..... a very warm and cute "Merry Christmas:... May this Christmas brings lots of happiness.. smiles.. success... love and care in your life ..to cherish and enjoy endlessly to the comming years of your life. Thanks a lot ..for being such a dedicated and supportive viewer, reader and friends .... You guys gave me a lot..... thanks for all the motivation .. and wishes. 

Merry Christmas......... everyone....... lots of wishes.. love .. n regards to all :) :) 

Monday, 23 December 2013

Attic Bedroom Design & Designing Tips.

Attic bedroom designs... bedrooms with some of the roof inside the room. Basically these kind of rooms or bedrooms have a bad reputation for being.. cramped, dark, less spacey etc. but if designed and decorated in a technical and intelligent manner..they can turn into cozy, romantic and cute bedrooms. Lets check out few idea's and tips to renovate such rooms into a real romantic suites. 

  •  Keep the room walls light in colors. After all its a small space and turning it too much into a darker shade will ruin its appearance and utilization. Dark colors tend to make spaces look smaller, but light colors can make a room appear larger and brighter.
  • Make the slanted ceiling a lighter color than the rest of the room. A dark slanted ceiling can seem oppressive and may give the ceiling a “caving in” effect.
  • Adding  texture. Texture can alter the ambiance of an attic bedroom and act as a subtle decoration in a room with limited space. 
  • Use paneling. Paneling placed vertically will heighten the room, making it appear taller. When placed horizontally, paneling can elongate or widen a room, which can be especially useful if the bedroom is located in a narrow attic space.

Placing the furniture ..accessories etc. into an attic room is an art.. so that room doesnt seems to be more smaller .. or non-spacious because of the improper arrangement of furniture. Few tips for successful furniture placement :

  • Keep your furniture to a minimum. Since many attics are such small spaces, eliminate unwanted and unnecessary furnishings. Opt for smaller pieces, such as a full-sized bed instead of a king, and only include what you need to make the space comfortable.
  • Create built-in storage space. Install a window bench that doubles as drawer space, or look for a bed frame with drawer space built underneath.
  • Matching up of furniture colors to the wall colors : It creates more openness and spacey feeling to the room.
  • Use checkered, plaid, floral, and other light prints to create a whimsical space.Look for patterned bedspreads, armchairs, and drapes. These patterns add visual interest to the room in a subtle, enchanting manner, but louder patterns, like polka dots or brightly colored plaid, can overwhelm the bedroom if it is located in a smaller attic.

  • If you can perform a more thorough overhaul of your attic bedroom, add a few slanted skylight windows and circular wall windows to let in as much natural light as possible. A large casement window will offer even more light.
  • If you plan on remodeling as well as redecorating, add built-in bookshelves, drawers, and closets. The more storage space you can build into the walls, the less you need to clutter your floors with.
  • Keep the air circulating by installing a ceiling fan. Good circulation is especially important during the hot, humid summer months.

An attic room ..is not that bad as well..isn't  it. Create a cozy, cute, romantic place for your stay.. and for your family.. No space is a waste ever.. just give it a special touch of your imagination and designing abilities. 

Perspective sketches.

Here's sharing few inspirational perspective manual sketches.