Friday, 30 October 2015

Diwali Decorations 2015

With the on going festive season it is important to keep your home, office, desk, updated well with fresh, bright and lasting decorations. Diwali is the time to upgrade with new styling and shift your old decors to the store and fabricate a whole new shinning residential decoration to welcome Lord Ganesha Maa Laxhmi and your guests. Placement of "diya's"  candles, lamps, flowers, etc. is the most important and essential part of Diwali. Play with them in an interesting and stylish manner. Place diyas or lamps inside a glass bottle, colorful glasses, glass jar, glass water jar etc. to get more of its brightness and everlasting shine. 

Changing your lamp shades makes a big huge difference to your Diwali decoration without much of the expenses and over burden to your budget. Shine brighter and glow with more of light with some modular or traditional stylish shades of lamp. Give your living room, bedroom, study or office a whole new look by just changing the lamp shades. 

Bright cushions, pillows play a vital role in changing the over all look of any of room, styling and design. Update the design style of your cushions, pillows by merely changing its cover. Install them into a whole new range of latest stylish covers. Changing few little things go viral and effects immensely to the over all decor of the house. 

Flowers, wall hangings, ceiling hangings, etc. makes a room look brighter and smells so fresh and has the unique fragrance of the festival.Flower shape candles, real flowers to enhance the beauty of your vases, jars etc. some artificial flowers to glam up the window sill side. 

Make your Diwali decoration 2015 quite special and unique with bright ideas which lasts forever and has an impact long lasting. Let the curtains be there, no need to change for huge furniture, let your residence, office etc. taste the new flavor of decoration this Diwali with small but sweet changes and pleasing style. 

Friday, 9 October 2015

3D Wood wall panels.

3D wood wall panels to make a clear difference and classy everlasting impression for your interiors... !! Office, showroom, residence, your private club, family theater or what not.. they are all here to fabricate the world's most charming and wonderful interiors and architecture.  

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Insane Designing.

Yes, designing has no limits. Creativity has no rules and regulations to follow. You may call it "insane designing" or "creative designing" your wish..but trust me playing with designs without any limitations and following any rules is the best part of any creativity. You just need to pour in all your inspirations, dreams, desires, colors, patterns, etc. in a random styling and attitude. Design as if you don't care about the world and people. It's your life...... make it beautiful with some "creativity" and "insane designing". 

Just one rule to be followed while such designing is - "follow your heart - not your mind" :) 

Garden Homes.

Home is not just a place to live, it is something which gives us life, fresh hopes to breadth, inspires us to move in our life in a smooth manner, refreshes our mind and life when tired and most importantly it is a habitat of our dreams, our starting point and for the people we live for. So, just merely getting up a home with good interiors is not enough. Give your home a touch of nature, smoothness of leaves, freshness of flowers, love of breeze and a welcoming morning with none other than adding a garden area to it. 

Adding in some of the planned landscaping, inside or interior home  pool, few pebbles beside your pools and seating add an instant charm to your home sweet home making it looking beautiful and interesting from the very first step of the exterior or house. Magic can be created with some exterior light, garden lights and water lights. They perfectly play an interesting and dramatic role for the wonderful evenings and nights. 

Planning a garden deck with some patio style seating, awnings or canopy gives a complete look and touch to your cozy mornings and calm evening. Make your days and evenings go relaxing, comforting and refreshing with each sip of tea or coffee. 

Garden homes are always refreshing, in fashion forever, they look young forever with different seasonal flowers and most importantly they never let any negative or depressive element enter your life or house. 

Diwali Wishes ... !!

Here's wishing all my viewers, readers, well wishers a very Happy, prosperous and bright Deepawali. May this festive season brings in u...