Monday, 29 June 2015

Relaxed Bedroom Designing.

Bedroom in short and simple language is a place where you are most comfortable to be in, relaxed, where you can be just the way you wanna be. Making your bedroom comfortable, relaxing and special depends upon your design choice, material, design style and above all the bed design with its headboard side transformed into one of the coziest place in your home. Therefore, for "relaxed bedroom design" do not forget to pamper your bed's headboard side with lots of cozy and soft cushions, pillows etc. 

Alone thick or comfortable mattress won't work until and unless it is supported and well connected by a cushioned headboard for that real relaxing and comfortable design idea. You may keep several kind of cushion and stuff up the headboard side of the bed but remember they are temporary, they will go here and there when you sitting, relaxing, when you need a back support. 

Making of build in cushions on the bed headboard wall is the perfect solution to get that relaxed bedroom design for permanent styling, comfort, relaxation and looks. You may opt for cloth cushion on the walls, leather cushion, velvet cushions, form cushions etc. depending upon your choices, city temperature and budget. 

Design the whole wall or half wall with cushion on it to get that pleasure of soft, cozy, comfortable backrest. Blend it well with some of the soft, cozy pillows on the bed to get the finest of the combination and relaxation. 

Choose the design pattern of the cushion styling according to your choices. It may be buttoned in a square shape, rectangular shape,diagonal manner,  you may get it stitched in a stripe manner, you may place them well randomly for the creative look. Whatever the pattern may be you are opting for make sure there should be enough of cushion pad, form inside to give you a cozy, relaxing backrest forever. 

They not only enhances your bedroom comfort in-fact such kind of setting improves and uplifts the room design instantly. They add on the beauty, charm, romance, mood and styling to your bedroom. 

"Relaxed bedroom designing" is a perfect design idea for newly weds, old couple, kids etc. It suits all the age range and provides unique comfort to the occupant. 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Floor layout for small homes.

Just not the big houses or big apartments need a floor layout in fact it is more important to plan a small space. Floor layout for small house with a well planned and measured architecture is important to get a mess free, comfortable and smooth interiors of the house.  

Friday, 26 June 2015

Weekend Interiors... !!

After a long hectic week we all starve for a wonderful, relaxing and comfortable weekend isn't it.. !! So the wonderful, interesting, comfortable and relaxing weekend starts with refreshing, cozy and comfortable interiors with the touch of laziness and bit personal love. Fill your interior spaces with more of the cozy feel, comfortable looks, carefree styling and relaxing atmosphere. Here are few tips to make your weekend more relaxing and comfortable with weekend  interiors.

  • Wonderful weekend starts with comfortable laid-back attitude and laziness which can be improved and improvised with the help of some cozy, smooth, soft cushions for your sofa set, bed area etc. Stuff in your sofa set with some of the real cozy, soft cushions to get that lazy seat out area for the sweet lazy relaxing weekend. 

  • Make your weekend go brighter by adding some colors to it. Install some fresh flowers from the garden in your living room, bedroom vases. Make things look better and brighter with some new wall hangings, bead hangings etc. It is like getting refreshed and positive energy for the coming week. 

  • Party with your friends and family with some cozy and planned area of your home sweet home. Just gather up decent, soft flexible furniture and be prepared to take a step ahead to have fun with your family and friends.


  • Aha the bedroom area, weather it is just for you, siblings sharing a room, or a master bedroom, make it more comfortable for that weekend sleep and afternoon naps with lots of pillows to settle down for your bed headrest board. 

  • After the cushions for the sofa set and bedroom area, you need to please your weekends with more carefree comfort and relaxation which can be perfectly achieved by floor pillows, some wine beside and party with your friends. Rugs and floor pillows are the perfect combination for your lazy party time and relaxing weekend. 
So, what are you waiting for, make your weekend mesmerizing, comfortable, lazy and relaxing with some of the tips I just shared with you. Hope they will work to make the things better, larger and relaxing for you. 

Granite Kitchen Beauty & Grace.

Kitchens with granite stone as kitchen tops, kitchen slabs or even kitchen flooring simply rock with their grace, shine, elegance and un-comparable beauty. They actually leave me without words whenever I see the shine, I always wish my eye were camera to capture the beauty of each and every corner of all the kitchen which carry the sophistication and looks of granite in their arms. 

The beauty of granite works equally well with all kind of kitchen designs, types of kitchen aka traditional, contemporary, etc. they mold themselves well in any shape of kitchen and of any kitchen size. 

Well polished granite with the glow and its reflecting quality provides a glance of royal touch and a feel of royal styling. Combined with wood or laminate cabinets, with metal fittings or glass fittings, granite has immense power to blend well forever. Implementing granite with any of design and decor is never an idea which will make you feel bad and bad. 

So, make an impression which will never fed away. Granite is the call of design and royalty for that classy, royal and forever beautiful kitchen. 

Extraordinary Wall Designs.

Walls are the life of any space, if you don't pamper them well they won't be able to help you to get best of interior designs and decoration. Merely just putting on the wall colors, wall paints or textures can't work every-time. For extra ordinary wall designs you always need to have texture paints on it,even some of the handmade wall designs work well, mirror, collection of family pictures, etc.  one can think differently with the some new angle. Wall designs with the touch of seduction, appeal, warmth, glow and lots of life in it..with some uncommon but appealing materials and looks to adore your space and transform them in the best of looks and styling. 

As I said before, collection of family and friends pictures gathered up together on a particular wall will change the look of the wall, will provide it more of the life and liveliness. For some brighter looks and mesmerizing touch you may even go for the collection of some colorful different fabric cut outs and frame on a wall. Different colorful bottle, colorful corks, colorful stones gathered up together on a wall in a random manner fabricates one of the most pleasing and stunning extra ordinary wall designs. 

After textures even wall papers with traditional designs, floral pattern, geometric patterns, strips, etc. works well to design up the walls extra ordinarily with the help of some down lighters or up lighters. You just not need to design the wall with wall design material, you need to complete it and give it a finishing touch with some of the accent lights, down lighters, up lighters, high lighters etc. 

Make a move from simple and dull walls and take a brave step towards something different and colorful for your home sweet home or office, restaurant, work place etc. If you will pamper your walls well they will definitely love you back by providing you an awesome and mesmerizing interiors and inner spaces. Even in design ideas it works the same - what you give you get back.. !! 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

3D Kitchen Model Design.

Kitchen being one of the most element of any residence is needed to be well designed, well planned and should have that sophisticated, elegant and dignified look for the work comfort and spending of time. Before you go for your kitchen execution work one need to plan it properly and visualize it properly for that perfect and comfortable working area of the kitchen. 3D kitchen model design is a perfect way to get your dream kitchen visualized before you execute it. Here are few of the 3D kitchen model design for some kitchen design idea and 3D model view.

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