Monday, 11 May 2015

Summer Treatment for Interiors.

With the melting and destroying heat, summer and lots of humidity it is important to transform your interiors into a cool and calm space for that heat proof living and enjoyment of life. Don't let the summers spoil your summer vacations, summer afternoons or summer evening times by excessive heat and humidity.Beat the heat with some simple and effective formulas to enjoy the weather equally as you do in the winters..! 

1.Cover the windows with half screens : Cultivate the habit of covering the window with half screen or blind. This will not interrupt your outside view as well as it will guard you from the unwanted heat in your living area, bedroom space, kids room etc. 

2. Old is gold - Curtain coverings with light linen : No need to go for all the expensive and high quality or royal look curtains. Simple linen curtains are equally effective and can bring in the coolness in your over heated room. Installation of light color linen brings the life back to your spaces without much of the high expenses and costing. 

3. Soft & Bright linen covers : Avoid using any kind of heavy  fabric like velvet, denim, etc. to cover the pillows and beds. Make sure to use soft, light linen to cover up the pillows, cushions and beds. Selection of light and bright colors for the covers is advisable to beat the heat program. 

4. Light blinds for big windows : Getting your big windows covered is something which causes a bit of trouble to you. One perfect solution for this is to install light material blinds which are semi transparent. They provide an informal as well as decent look killing the unwanted heat effect in your spaces. 

5.Floral prints, paintings etc. : Go green with some flower print bed-sheets, pillow or cushion covers, use pastel colors for that smoothing effect and calm look. Green is always effective to kill the heat. If you are not able to install indoor plants you may prefer going with floral prints on your linen to catch that calm effect for your home sweet home. 

6.Indoor plants : One of the heritage and most effective way to kill the heat of summers is installing indoor plants. Their presence in the house gives a pleasure to be in. It feels like you are directly connected to the calmness of nature. They do purify the air inside the house and also adds in the beauty of the space. It is like putting in all season decor and design to a vacant space or much needed calmness for a busy room.

7. Jute sheets or shades for windows : If you are living in too much of heating areas then do install a jute sheet or jute shades behind your curtains to let it stop the coming heating get inside your interiors. Jute sheets are quite effective way to barricade the heat get inside your home. 

8. Pack up your gallery, balcony and outdoors with greenery : Not just your interiors with do serve your outdoors with greenery around. This helps getting cool air inside your home. More greenery you install at the outdoors, galleries, balcony more of the calm and cool air you are welcoming for your interiors. 

9. Ventilation around : No need to look for a big window always, even a small vent or a ventilator can do a cool job to get rid of heat. Try to figure out spaces which can be used to create vents in the room. Remember vent do not mishap with your interiors beauty and design if you merge them properly with your design concepts and ideas. They area effective and the most wanted way to channelize good air ventilation for the room. 

So, here were few of the small yet effective tricks to get out of the heat in the summers in your interiors. Try go catch some calm, relaxing time with your family this summers..!! 

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