Thursday, 28 May 2015

Mesmerizing Cafe Design Ideas

Cafe .. the informal way to catch up some time with your friends, family, even office colleagues etc. It is like "take a break" from your hectic schedules and have some fun with your close ones. No need for any formalities.. a casual design approach works the best here. You have the liberty to mix up your ideas and blend them well to pour out the best of designs and informal comfortable catchy looks for your clients. 

A very true saying is "variety is spice of life" and it perfectly fits to the cafe designing. No need to follow a single theme, you can play with different themes, pattern, geometric art, wall designs etc. to get the flavor of personal touch and styling. Remember you are basically designing for a young generation and they love the variety above repeated patterns and designs. They like the causal and informal way. 

You may keep it rough tough at a side, you may play with the simplicity of design at the other part, to mix well with different patterns and get the unique space of variety and styling. Keep the seating light weighted, comfortable, stylish and well suited up with the gen next. 

Cafe designing is a totally different chapter from restaurant designing. Never mix it up with restaurant designing. Cafe has much more free space to design with liberty. Make an impression with some musical instruments, some paintings, handicrafts, cushions around, chairs mixed up with stools, benches etc. 

Create an environment full of energy, comfort, personal touch and smiles. 

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