Thursday, 19 September 2013

Wall mural paintings. (ART)

Wall mural paintings .. an art since ancient times .... still carries the same beauty & effects it use to be..! One of the most creative and effective way to create different texture... art ... beauty and pictures on walls... and give the space a different and amazing looks.

Give in a simple painting looks, give in the 3D effects in paintings... awesome patterns for decors of your spaces. An art with ever-green beauty. Install such art work in your spaces for a better and sound cultivation of interior's. 


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  2. The black and white design is amazing. Could you tell how to make it with such perfection ?

    1. Hi Rahul .. Just came thru ur comment.. guess quite late. Anyways do contact me at for any design quires. Will get back to you soon this time. Thanks .. Richa

  3. Thanks a lot for going thru my blog. It's really motivating when we get positive feedback.Thanks again.


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