Monday, 22 July 2013

On to Gujarat Architecture.

Architecture of Gujarat ..... amazingly intricate stone work.. perfection in measurements ..well maintained ..super clean and calm places.Literally, the whole length and breadth of Gujarat is dotted with ancient Buddhist, Jain, Hindu and Muslim monuments. The architectural thoughts involved in these monuments reflect the great heritage of Gujarat arts and culture.

Great ornamentation ... amazing atheistic feel .. ceaseless efforts to attain perfection can be found in each and every architecture of Gujarat. Its a great and evergreen way of conveying rich culture, art and talent to all the era's . 

Great cocktail of .. stepwell .. stone intricate works ..superb ornamentation of architecture and an intense abstraction to touch a timeless dimension. Absolute treat and lessons for today's designer and architects.

Great way of showing life through construction and stone work.. presenting tree of life by such an intricate work of stone. So much to learn from ... so much to get inspired and work. It was just a short note and short visit by me.. so much left to explore and write. :)

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