Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Kitchen Chimney Designs & tips.

Kitchen.... a place ..always over heated with lots of cooking stuff ... preparation .. and work. So.. times gone to get tortured in heat and work in such circumstances. Specially, when it comes to Indian cooking  .. the Indian household cooks spicy and sinfully tasty dishes. While cooking, the meal emits a lot of aromas. The new age kitchen designs have strategically placed these electric chimneys over the stove to instantly suck the aroma. This leaves your kitchen smelling smokeless. 

Advantages of installing a Kitchen Chimney at your cook place.

  • The granite/ marble/ tiles and wooden furnishings are protected from the sticky fumes.

  • The kitchen roof and walls will not turn black.

  • Since the vapour and the aroma are sucked out immediately, your house does not smell of the spices used in the kitchen.

  • Prevents sneezing.

  • Aesthetically appealing.

  • Prevents irritation during cooking.

Ya... they are bit expensive ..but on the other hand..they help you keep your kitchen..heat free, smoke free and smell free. So, install a kitchen which is heat free and gives you a better and good comfort level to work in.


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