Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Italy - Peacock Room.

The Peacock Room at Sammezzano Castle in Italy one of the most spectacular and amazing architecture built in 1605 . The Peacock Room, a hidden jewel features intricate Moorish designs and a breathtaking assortment of patterns and colors. The beauty of the memorizing interiors is simply beyond comparison.

An amazing architecture which carries magnificent and intricate design, art and decor work in its each corner. Every inch and feet of the space is employed with art and colors. Spectacular feast to eyes of a bright and most amazing art work ever done.

Ceiling, walls, columns, windows and doors basically all the area speaks the royal and most colorful language of design. Indeed its a peacock room an inspiration to millions of artists, architects, designers and art lover. 

Series of intricate work, color combination, wall art and its geometric patterns makes this place so special  beautiful and makes me go speechless.. !!

Amazing match up of painted columns and designed arches, floor work, open area to welcome freshness in the rooms, makes it more unique and a place to visit at-least once in lifetime. 


  1. Splendido Luogo Magico
    Magic Wonderfull Place
    Thanks for your photos
    Kino Mistral painter in Milan and Palerme - Italy


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