Friday, 11 July 2014

Shower-Heads with light.

Taking shower with simple plain water is like an old story. Have some shower rain in different colors. Now add some colors, fun and excitement  to your shower experience with an LED shower head. Powered by impellers or turbines, a LED (light-emitting diode) shower head will light up your shower with no other power but the water flow.

Advantages of shower head with lights: 
  • Its fun and fancy: Add some color and life to your morning and evening relaxing showers. Get some rains of your favorite color after a long hectic day or just before starting your day. 
  • Visually check the temperature: Tired of standing there with your hand in the cold shower stream while you wait for the hot water to come through? Now you can just wait until the shower turns the right color! It is not just colorful rain in fact it is a helpful rain as well.

  • Shower in the dark:There is no need to waste any extra electricity on the bathroom light here. Now you can let your water pressure illuminate your  shower. Get a water saving LED head and you can boast about saving water & electricity. You’re so green!
  • Add a bit of romance & mood lighting: It creates and  set the mood with a red light shower or any color of your choice which is your favorite , maybe a nice surprise for your partner. 

Types of LED shower heads available in the market to enhance your bath time and beauty of your bathroom: 

  1. 12" stainless steel shower head with single color
  2. 7 color changing shower head
  3. Chrome finish multi-color LED hand shower.
  4. 20X39" stainless steel shower head with LED color changing
  5. 8" contemporary shower head. 

So, color your world with different colors even when you are at bath. There is no limitation  of creativity and such innovative ideas to make your world brighter and fab. They are spectacular in their own way, have their own beauty and more over they add more of the life to your dull and colorless daily routine. 

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