Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Complete Kitchen Design - Appliances space & storage.

As we all know most of the ladies are quite busy with their professional life as well as they have to look after the home with proper care and balanced attitude. Merely providing them four wall kitchen with few cabinets or working space is not enough until and unless you give them a complete kitchen design which is well equipped with all the helping hands of modern day cooking. Now a days complete and sophisticated kitchen design is considered when it has ample of space to accommodate all the kind of electrical appliance any lady wishes for her kitchen to make her cooking fast, more healthy and get a quick help for her work. 

Designing a kitchen which is a complete set of well planned area, good layout, sophisticated furniture, cabinetry, giving good space to store and use electrical appliances, having good moving space, nice air and light circulation etc. is actually a duty of a responsible, creative and smart interior designer. Before the planning of kitchen design one should always take care of all these things. 

Take out some space from the cabinetry area to accommodate few handy, light and trendy electrical appliances. Make some floor space for heavy electrical appliance like dishwasher, fridge, etc. Do not forget to get some good working and storage space for electrical cooking range.  Make sure for some of the slab space to provide a room for your convectional oven, OTG or simple microwave oven. 

Mixer grinder, blender, toast maker etc. they do are also looking for some space in your kitchen. You may even take one side of the kitchen to place and play with all the electrical appliance. Dedicate one of the kitchen walls or slab for electrical appliances and give them a good working space. Dedicating one wall for the appliances will help you out with all the electrical switches and boards fittings as well helping you out with simple and reachable distance. 

Keeping in mind with some traditional requirements and modern requirements of the kitchen work will give you a complete kitchen design. Not just make a room for merely working slabs, fridge, sink and cooking gas. With the changing time and requirement it is important to bring in the changes for the modern working or non-working ladies to make their work go easy, fast, simple and seriously unique. 


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  2. Thanks a lot for going thru my blog. It's really motivating when we get positive feedback. Will try to keep my work on. Thanks again.

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