Monday, 22 February 2016

Hut Interior's - Design & Tips.

As we all know designing is a subject which covers each and every big or small construction area on this earth. So, weather its a home, bungalow, apartment, office, showroom or even a small "hut" that too also needs a design hand to make it look more adorable, sweet, stunning and get the best of utilized space. So here are few tips which will help you designing up the small sweet adorable place. 

  • Every Inch counts : Before planning up anything just remind yourself "every inch counts" when you are putting up your design strategies for a small area. No need to waste any area or even over use any particular wall or corner. Make it look well balanced and up to the mark. 

  • Avoid geometric patterns : When you're designing a small area remember not to play with horizontal or vertical lines specially if the hut is located near any seashore, country side or village area. Let the hut get connected well with nature with polka dots, floral patterns, woods, etc. 

  • Cream or White: Colors are the life of any particular area. If appropriate color is been given to the respective area it will compliment it and if perfect color is not present it will ruin up all the settings. White, cream, pale yellow are some of the perfect colors for small huts. They give them pleasant, calm, peaceful and charming looks. They match well with the woods. 

  • Avoid dark rooms : Already spaces is a matter to think when we are designing a small area, so you need to be particular while planning any room. Try to give at-least 2 to 3 windows in a room for a that sunny atmosphere and let the natural light get inside the room to make it look brighter. 

  • Multi-utilization of space: As we know it is quite difficult to get separate dining area, living area or even a proper bedroom at times when we are designing up a hut. Hence it is important to make intelligently the multi-utilization of space by accommodating kitchen cum sitting space, living room cum bed area etc. It is in the demand of the receptive place. 

  • Maximum use of woods : To give it a perfect definition of "hut designing" it is important to make good and maximum use of "wood" or "raw timber". They are the perfect match for hut designs. 

  • Artificial lighting : Intelligent use of artificial lighting is suggested. Make your hut look lighted up well from interiors and exteriors as well. Don't make them look deserted or dark. 
Hut designing is quite an interesting but quite challenging as well. It has many factors which one has to look after. Hope these tips will make your job bit easier and you may find it more confident to design it up. 

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