Monday, 17 October 2016

Diwali - Indian Lighting Ideas.

Diwali means sweets, holidays, family get together, meeting your friends, crackers, fun and not to be forgotten the most important lights. Yes .. Diwali without lights,sweets and crackers is just so incomplete and boring. So when Diwali is knocking at your door steps and you all are busy to welcome the festive season with open arms and warm decors lets put up some creative ideas to charm up the decorations more in traditional and moderate style. Diwali is incomplete without the traditional light lamps and some innovative lighting. 


Just for a start and innovative styling lets gather up some lights in the empty bottles. Make good use of old empty bottles and jars by putting up some electrical lights inside it. No need for extra efforts or special care just need to gather up lights inside the bottle in a random manner. Let the colored bottles also sparkle the light to design up your Diwali decorations and lighting. 

Hanging of small jars, sweet bottles with some electric lighting wire holding them etc. is also one of the most effortless and fun ideas to go with. You might also paint up some clay diya's and fix them up with some electrical bulbs for that Indian traditional look and styling. It will be like "Be ethnic" style statement. 

For the different looks, styling and light texture you might play with different kind of lamp shades. You might go for cotton fabric lamp shades with traditional painting on it, jute lamp shades for the handicrafts feel, modern contemporary style lamp shades to add the elegance, metal or other material made lamp shades for the different touch. It is like filtering the light through different styling and getting that different touch of light effect for special Diwali decors. 

Apart from creative and innovative light styling one needs to have that most important traditional Indian diyas (lamps) to actually cover and complete the Diwali decoration. Rangoli with traditional Indian lamps is what makes your diwali decorations complete and ethnic. 

So do not just light up your house this Diwali... let it glow with the beauty and charm of innovative , creative and designer decor and lighting ideas. Happy Diwali'2016 guyss... !!

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