Friday, 31 March 2017

Glamours Glass Flooring With Pebbles.

Adding charm, glamour, style and impressive floor designs is all we dream for and want it for our formal as well as informal spaces. Make your home, office, shops, interior spaces more fab and stylish with easy, evergreen and impressive glass floor designs. I know glass floor designs sound bit regular and old but adding pebble under your glass flooring with some lights in it will instantly brighten up your spaces. 

What you need to do is simply to choose up your favorite pebbles, colors of pebbles, it can be multicolored as well or can be chosen in single color as well. Make few inches of depression in the floor where you want to add these pebbles. Place them inside and fix up the lights accordingly. Now fix up the flooring with your chosen glass design for that glamours and evergreen look. 

Glass flooring with pebbles is perfectly suitable for commercial as well as residential spaces. It absorbs well in every kind of design style providing it an alluring and mesmerizing look. 

You may even change the pebbles after every say 4-5 years for a refreshing and new look. Glass with pebbles under it can be set even at the counter tops of kitchen or bathroom providing them a mesmerizing and awesome look. 

Glass flooring is easy to maintain, clean and they imbues a lavish and luxurious look to regular designs and spaces.  Glass being of a tough and thick quality do not break easily. It is quite durable, lasting and gripping. 

Best part of glass flooring with pebbles is the light. If your install light under the glass it does reflects and illuminates a dark room as well.

Let your floor speak the language of class, styling and royal touch with simple but not regular glass flooring with pebbles under it. 

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