Monday, 5 June 2017

Design up your Bonus Room.

You must be thinking about what is a bonus room all about and what it all takes to design in up...? In a very simple and straight language "Bonus room" is an extra room in your accommodation, house or dwelling which can be used as your office area, hobby room, family room, guest room etc. Major difference between normal rooms and bonus room is that it doesn't have a wardrobe in it. One can't use it as a bedroom as it lack a wardrobe but can be well used to fulfill your other purpose and requirement. Let your extra requirements and purposes get a bonus of a bonus room and transform a vacant room into a well designed up and utilized room.

Let your bonus room give you the pleasure of your some extra seat out area, playing zone, entertainment area or some private zone. Transform the room according to your choices, room size, your budget and design ideas. No need to cut off your passion or much needed extra room ideas to vain.

Design up your bonus room as :

  • Your private working station-  Don't let the extra work pressure ruin up your bedroom settings or living room area. Make a very private, cool and calm working area to give some extra hours to your work. Let your work productivity touch the skies of success in silence and calm.

  • Mini home bar - You can use the space brilliantly and intelligently to make a small yet cool mini home bar. Let your weekends rest at home with some relaxing time with your friends and family. No mess of a drive and parking. 
  • Small yet impressive conversation pit - Invite your friends to your small yet impressive gossiping conversation pit. Give them and make them feel special with your darling ideas of a private conversation pit. Do not let the other activities disturb your time and gossips. Installation of cozy sofa set, some floor pillows, rugs and some chairs will do the magic in itself. 

  • Private passionate bathroom: Make in the most desired bathroom you were thinking about. Install your favorite bath tub or shower area what so ever is in your mind. The space is fully yours and design it up according to your wish, will and desires. 
  • Hobby room: Let your hobby grow up big and wide there by transforming it into a recreation room. Give yourself time to relax and chill with some recreational activities. Life needs a break from stress and work. 

  • Pool and billiards play zone- No need to spend lots of money over a game every weekend. Install your play zone in your bonus room. Let the pleasure be fully yours. 

Space is the most precious thing in today's world. You need to use it wisely, intelligently and play with it in a colorful and charming manner. Don't waste the space simply converting it into an unwanted storage area or dark room. Be smart and cool while designing up the space and utilize each inch well to give yourself a better and best living.

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