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Lesson on Interior Designing. Part-1

Here are few lessons for the upcoming Designer or the people interested in Interior Designing field . They may help you find the easy way out to understand and create Designs. Lets start with the most Initial lesson, what is designing and what is decoration.. and how does it converts to  Interior Designing and Decoration.

Design : A Design can be defined as a arrangement of lines, shapes, colors  textures that create a visual image. A perfect design is being created balancing all these things properly for the required area/space.

Decoration : Decoration can be defined as placing the decor accessories, decor items, (curtains, show items, wall hanging,paintings etc.) at the correct place according to the area of the space. We need to take care of size n shape of the decor item  before placing it to the respective place/space.

Interior Designing & Decoration : When we are decided for the particular plane,furniture, colors, floor treatment,ceiling treatment keeping in view requirements of the client,place,purpose and occupants  for the given space/room or habitat/office etc. we'r done with its designing & decoration is like "adding a pinch of salt" to you designs. Perfect placement of decor items and accessories bring the term "Interior Designing & Decoration".

Here comes the Question how to bring perfect Designing in your work. It is very simple, by just understanding the  "Elements of Design".

Elements of Design : These are basically visual components used in creating an object or composition.  Following are the "elements of design".

  • Lines : Line is basic design element. There are two lines of different nature, it provides the visual dimensions of length and width.When lines are combined spaces are enclosed.and forms in shapes are defined.
  • Forms : It is also refereed to as shape area. It is an object having three dimensions like length  width and depth. 
  • Shape : It describes the outer dimension of an object.Shape also encloses area and imparts in certain character of the object viewed.
  • Space : It is generally considered to be the area seen between the shapes.It is basically the area you're working for. Using the correct shapes in the spaces can create magic to your designs n creations. Correct utilization of space & playing with the correct shapes brings out the best results.
  • Color & Texture : Color is one of the most powerful elements. It is tremendous expressive qualities  It is "add on beauty" to your design if your selection the appropriate colors for the spaces  or it has the power "to ruin" your design if selection is wired or in-appropriate. Color gives the " complete visual impact" to your design.

Understanding "elements of design" is not just enough. To achieve the perfect design we need to understand "Principles of design". The principles are concept used organize or arrange the structural element of Design  Following are the "Principles of Design "

  • Balance : Balance is the concept of visual equilibrium and related to our physical sense of balance. Balance are of two types : (1) Symmetrical Balance aka Formal Balance & (2) Asymmetrical Balance aka Informal Balance.

  1. Symmetrical Balance can be described as having equal "weight" on equal side of a centrally place fulcrum. When the elements are arranged equally on either side of a central axis, the result i trilateral (3 side) symmetry. 

2. Asymmetrical Balance is more complex and difficult of envisage.It involves placement of objects in a way that will allow objects of varying visual weight to balance one another around a fulcrum point.

  • Proportion : Refers to the relative size & scale of the various elements in a design.
  • Rhythm : It can be described as timed movement through space, an easy, connected part along which the eye follows a regular arrangement of motifs.
  • Emphasis : Refers to as point of focus or interruption. It can be achieved by ; Contrast of colors,textures or shape will call attention to a specific point ; contrast of size or scale will as well ; placement in a strategic position will call attention to a particular elements of design.
  • Unity : It is the underlying principle that summarize all of the principles and elements of design. It can be achieved through the effective and consistent use of any of the elements, but pattern. Unity also exists in variety. Unity can also be a matter of concept. 

So, here were few important initial points which every up-coming designer or interior designer should take care of to get the desired "interior design n decoration".

Hope this matter has helped you for your initial learning.
Lessons or guidelines for the space coming soon :)

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