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"Vastu Gyaan... Affordable tips.."

"Vastu" is just not applicable for the directions ... it means much more than that. Directions are always important for it..but at times we can't afford to change the present construction. Lets not think about directions... lets try to understand simple affordable tips.. which may bring a "change in your life without making any major change in your already con-structured homes,offices etc.."

  • Setting television in the bedroom area is not recommended. If you cant change it.. cover the t.v. with a cloth or t.v.cover before going to sleep.
  • Keep the plants and water sport far from your bedroom.
  • Never split bed sheet and bed mattresses.
  • Set your house furniture in the form of circle, square, or as octagon.
  • Keep the corners bright. You can use different type of lamps, lights , show items etc to make the brightness of a corner. 
  • It is good to fix an image of bright sun in the southern wall of the living area.
  • Construct your bedroom, where wind must blow from south to west.
  • Your house dinning hall must never get exposed to the entrance door of the house.
  • Setting a mirror in the kitchen room is not recommended.
  • Do not place the mops and brooms in the kitchen.We have lot more spaces to keep them..isn't it..then why to use "space of anaapurna devi" for this.
  • It is good to keep the doors of your toilet and bathroom closed most the time.
  • It is good to set your windows opened towards out face. Let the negative energy flow out.
  • Growing of pricking plants like cactus in your house is not advisable and recommended
  • It is good to place the fish aquarium in the southeast corner in your living area. It doesn't mean a big aquarium, you can place small glass jars/pets with 1 or 2 fishes in it. Your purpose will b fulfilled. 
  • It is good to stick a happy family photograph or picture inside your living room. Afterall "smiles n happy faces" changes the mood as well as brings positive energy in your "ashiyaana".
  • Growing of high trees such as Bangan, Thorny, and Pipal trees is not good and recommended
  • Ensure that the lift gate is not set in face of the entry main gate of your house.
  • Building your house rooms in shape of oval, circle, or triangle is strictly not advisable.Why to go for such irregular shapes.. better go for rectangular or square shapes. You will get better usage  design, decor and last but not the least... good complitments as well.
  • Your house should never be in disturbed by any obstructive buildings.
  • Ensure that your house is good with right air circulation and water source.
  • Your latrine seat must be kept facing towards northern south.
  • It is good to sit facing the doorway, while you sit in your office.
  • It is good to set a mountain wallpaper behind you in your office.
  • Never keep a ladder that faces towards west or north, as it makes waste of money.
  • Never wear torn clothing or withered flowers as these will prevent the Goddess Lakshmi entering into the home.
  • A house should not have paintings depicting depressing scenes, i.e. an old woman crying, scenes of war or poverty, etc. Put up pictures of things like a sunrise, an ocean, mountains, flowers or laughing children.
  • Except roses and a few medicinal plants, all thorny plants give rise to tensions in the environment. Plants exuding white sap should also be kept away. Lime, karonda etc. are alright in an orchard but not in residences or on business premises.
  • All doors should open inside so that energy remains inside.
  • The hinges of doors should be noiseless. Grease the hinges periodically.
  • Doors should open towards the right.
  • Beds should not be placed under beams.In case it they are being place, try to change furniture placement .. minor change in furniture placement can bring a difference.
  • There should not be five corners in the ceiling of a room.
  • Leave the rooms open on the north-east side.
  • Avoid three doors in a room.Using curtains can be a solution or keep the door lock.
  • Avoid three mirror in a room.
  • Don't ever keep a "watch" which is not working. (weather its a table watch, wall watch or wrist watch). It is said "waqt band pad jaaye toh zindgi band pad jati hai".
  • There shouldn't be window behind Md's Chair. If it is.. you can cover it with a cloth or say curtain or painting. or 

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