Saturday, 3 January 2015

Interiors Can Be Amazing With - Low Height Ceiling.

Low height ceiling is considered to be the space blocking element, as they create an illusion low space, cramped area and dullness. But if these low height ceiling are being pampered well with design they too can bring the best of interior design. You just need to put in wise and intelligent use of low height ceiling space by giving a proportional balance with the help of designing. 

Let your low ceiling also create a visual impact which can rule on your design side for years. You have to create and manage few things which creates psychological effects giving the room more of the space, good ceiling design and styling. Few of the tricks to get a well designed low height ceiling spaces:
Selection of furniture While choosing the furniture for low height room, do select low profile furniture because it increases the space between the ceiling and the floor, making the room feel more spacious, breezy and matches well with the overall dimensions of the room. 

Illumination effects: Try up-lighting effects to get the illusion of more space and smart ceiling. Make good use of your room walls to get that up-lighting effects.Wall lighting fixtures will create a warm, cozy atmosphere providing more brighter and spacey room to the low height ceiling. 
Glass an important tool: Just like mirror, glass is also an useful tool to be implemented to get more of the space in a cramped or low height space.Glass wall or a large window will increase the sense of space and will also provide natural daylight to the room giving it a brighter look and it will instantly uplift the overall impression of the room. 

Paint tools: Dress up the room walls and ceiling with soft, sober and light colors. Avoid any kind of dark or over vibrant colors. Light colors gives the area feel of more space and covers the dullness of low height dimensions. 
Vertical strips: As we all know that vertical strips gives a feeling of height, hence they can be a useful tool to be applied in a low height ceiling area to get more of the space. Bring home height with styling and designing. 

Increase the door/ window height: Raise the height of doors and windows to meet the needs of spacious feel. It might sound bit strange but trust me, doors starting from floor and ending up to the ceiling height will definitely add up dimensions to your low height rooms. They play as a magic wand if applied properly. 
High selves: Creating high selves, racks, cabinets etc. will trick the eyes quite easily and will give more room and space to your low height ceiling. In-fact, it is like taking advantage of low height ceiling. More or less we avoid to make high selves as they are out of our reach, but creating high selves in low height ceiling room is a tricky and wise option to go with.

Keep your low height ceiling with decent and elegant designing. Use of straight geometrical shapes in ceiling is recommended to avoid any kind of cramped and over used feel. Avoid hanging or pendant lights. Better glow up the ceiling area with ceiling light fixtures (ceiling mounted lights), wall mounted lights etc. 
Remember a space is never a waste; a low height space or full height space whatever it is. We have tools in our hands to make it more beautiful and amazing. Wise ideas, intelligent moves and practical designing can transform worst of spaces to best of spaces...!!

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