Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Nooks - Peaceful Silent Corners.

Sweet, cozy, silent, peaceful and well-designed nook is something which is desired by all the residential design and house owners, but few lucky of them get the chance to flaunt the desire of comfortable, cozy and peace nook seating, reading nook, sleeping nooks, etc. Residential spaces are so full of informal and comfortable designing that we can't accommodate a even in a small corner. Nooks are always charming, heart capturing and a show stopper element when it comes to design attraction and utility. After all not just the big spaces produce great designs, even a small nook has the immense capability to capture the design art in a very talented, sweet and  cozy manner. 

Breakfast nook, reading nook, coffee nook, kids small cozy nooks, under the stair nooks, etc. are some of the pleasant and amazing nook designs which should get a chance to get accommodated in your home sweet home. Different variety of nooks gives you versatile flavor of design, comfort and styling according to your need, purpose and personal choices. To build in a nook you just need have a vacant corner, window sill, under the stair space, corner cut out beside a kitchen, etc. They don't demand of any extra space or floor area. They are well settled in the hidden yet noticeable spaces. 

Create amazing, sizzling and delicious breakfast or coffee nook right beside your sweet kitchen. Just cleverly use up the space beside the kitchen floor area. Figure out the space and transform it into a wonderful area to have small but sweet family time with some snacks, coffee or breakfast. Allow yourself, your mom, your sister or your wife to serve you fresh and hot food right as soon as it is being cooked. 

Convert your vacant corner beside living room, family room, bedroom etc. into an official space to get some back support to wrap up your office work. A reading nook or an office nook is quite handy and trendy when it comes to roll up all the unfinished work soon. No need to have a big formal space inside your home for your official jobs, just a corner and you are done with your needs..! 

Something special for your friends, ladies, family or relative.. yes I am talking about gossip nooks. Create the most comfortable, cozy and peaceful space for your uninterrupted chatting, gossiping with your friends, family and kitty parties. Enjoy your time for that real break and a change. Not just invited your friends, but do impress them with your design settings, nook coziness and give them a personal space to share all the secrets..!! 

Nooks are definitely a charm to add in the beauty of your interiors. They not only employs the corners to work but they do give a comfortable and relaxing space to work, relax, sit back, enjoy, take a break etc. whatever you feel for. They might sound small and cozy but they will bring in a big change in your busy, fast and quick life. They call you home to take a break and relax when you are really moving fast..! 

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