Monday, 23 February 2015

Indian Destination Wedding Decorations.

Big fat Indian Destination wedding is all a sweet and spicy entertainment package to satisfy all your emotional feels, a treat to your eyes, a wonder world of design, in short its a complete one stop to get all the entertainment, design, colors, priceless memories, sparkle of lights and smiles etc. Let gather up together to take a tour of such a wonderful decoration and design site to raise a toast to our profession and design world. 

Once you entered the wonderful and amazing world of Indian Destination Wedding you would wish that your eyes could have been a camera to capture all the excitement, glamour, vibrant colors, smiling lights, wonderful and amazing collection of flowers, hand mehandi, etc. It is indeed a dramatic and interesting stage to collect all the decoration aesthetics in your suitcase and cherish it all your life.

Its immense beauty makes us feel to pour them into the dairy of words, it is impossible to elaborately capture each and every beauty into your writing and explain the way it is beautiful. Wedding in a palace that too in an Indian palace is actually a view to watch, a scene to feel and a moment to relish. Wonderful arch windows, arcades being dressed up with lights and flowers, doors with amazing floor and flower decoration, the red carpet waiting for the would be weds to touch it .. is simply an experience which should be once in a lifetime a must watch and must felt. 

Palaces being poured up with lots of lights, lights and lights.. ! Flowers being spread everywhere to wish the newly weds. The fragrance of happiness can be felt everywhere, at each corner, with the glamour of light, with the feel of vibrant fabrics being draped at each pillar, the wedding canopy being designed and decorated specially for that Maharaja look and feel. It is undoubtedly a royal feel and a royal touch forever. Nothing better than this. Traditions flowing out their arms to touch and bless the would be weds, cultures hugging the guests to give them a royal treatment and welcome. 

The wonderful traditional music following your ears to make you feel the happiness of wedding, the decorations playing the most vital part to give a complete look, touch and feel to the wedding atmosphere. Weather each and every function is planned inside the palace or under the sky, it has its own beauty, styling, traditional lavish care and most importantly they not only surprise the would be weds with their amazing decorations and designs to make them feel special but indeed they do surprise the guests as well with the amazing ambiance and welcome note at each corner. 

Truly said, Indian destination wedding, more you write about them more you feel you are leaving something behind which is yet to be explained in your words. The charm, the charisma, the glam, that vibrant atheistic feel, the touch of colors around, amazing out of the world hospitality, the ambiance, dropping and pouring lights everywhere all is something which can't be collected in the package of words. After-all its a complete package of entertainment, fun, design, decorations and the Indian feel, Indian hospitality and traditions. 

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