Sunday, 22 February 2015

New Interior Styling.

A whole new era of designing has taken its first step to improve, improvise and style up the interior designing of your spaces. Cut out the old trends and side line the regular patterns of designing. As mentioned earlier in my posts, design has no limits, it can take any shape, any style, any dimension and any kind of pattern we just need to accommodate it according to our spaces and required mood. 

You may mirror up the ceiling to get a larger and unending look of room, you may add on the wooden bars to get the shades and lights of sun at your outer yard area, turn up your bathroom into an interesting get up with the mix match patterns of wall tiles, wall patterns and traditional designing. Gear up your living room with the ethnicity of styling and decor to get the glamour of different touch, fresh feel and give it a forever young look. 

Collection of antiques, some traditional and different cultured designs are always a good idea to fabricate a mansion type feel for your small home sweet home. Give a knock of simplicity and purity with the white color added much on the living room designing and punch it up with some of the animal printed cushions or colorful curtains to get the most inspirational side of interior designing. Cushions with printed trees and flowers, stars and clouds may seems to be childish, but trust me they have the inherent beauty and appeal forever to attract many for years. They have a hidden charm in it. 

Connect the ceiling design with the mix match of two patterns, cleverly merge the beauty of rectilinear and curvilinear shapes to get the touch of modern art and to come out from the regular ceiling designs. 
Use of mosaic sandstone for the bathroom designs, living room wall designs, etc. are quite preferable and are in the stream to develop the most outstanding and aesthetic interiors and exteriors.
Give new look to the wall not with texture paints but with stencil art and mural art of thing. Just a slight touch of stencil art with floral patterns, modern art, childish touch can provide the fresh flavor to the wall forever. 

New shapes, new patterns, new designs are taking their place to accommodate the fresh range of designing forever to glam up your interiors and exteriors. Design has no limits, have always new definitions forever, give a new life to your spaces. We just need to give them a chance to born up in our life, our spaces and our design world. 

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