Monday, 16 May 2016

Design Idea Proposal for Hospital Rooms.

Starting with an old saying "health is wealth" and is indeed . Nothing is more important than a healthy life which automatically brings you a happy life. But unfortunately at times we have to go under some medical care or medical treatment and get admitted to hospital. No one really wanna get admitted in hospital or any nursing home. After-all the major reason is the atmosphere of hospital. Medicines, doctors, patients, blood, fighting for life etc. are few of the major negative reasons behind for not willing to get into hospital. It has two aspects pain and relief both. As a designer I would like to propose few positive and relieving ideas  of design for a better health care unit design and styling. We can't eliminate those neck griping factors of hospital but we can surely turn the atmosphere of hospital better and positive with our designing style and care. 

Transform the hospital rooms like bedroom : It is really important to comfort the patient with a healthy, sweet and personal touch in the room they are expected to stay. Come out of the limited type room designing which use to be for hospital in earlier periods. Make it comfortable with smoothing colors, nice window treatment, aesthetic furniture design and comfortable floor treatment. 

Design up the walls and ceiling : For the real design and relaxing touch it is important to go for a wonderful and comforting wall and ceiling treatment. Adding up few posters don't work. Make a knock and grip the attention with some good wall art work and light ceiling design ideas. Light design ideas will not harm the peace of patients and there families. They will indeed bring a positive change in there mindset and recovery.

Provide Family Atmosphere : Remember when we are designing a medical unit or medical room we should not only focus the design ideas for patients. We need to take good care of patient's family who is also going thru a mental trauma due to there loved one's health. Comfort the family with relaxing seating arrangements in the room, waiting lounge, etc. Add colors which reflect positive background like cream, yellow, light blue, light pink etc. 

Reachable distances : Do not forget to comfort the patients with few important easily reachable distances like calling bells, land line phones, etc.  You never know when does a patient needs urgent medical attention and if he/she is not able to call up urgently your design is of no good use. 

Room - Larger and brighter : Make the room look larger and brighter by adding up good wall space and window space. Let the patient sneak into outside world while relaxing. Big window is quite important for that sneaking factor and relaxation. It brings a good change of mind and gives the patient glimpse of outside world when he is actually not in touch with the other world waiting for him to be back again. 

Some of these few changes and design idea may work out for a better well-being of may be someone's life. Changes are good when added to bring up brightness and light to other's struggle and life. After-all before designers we are human and should take care of every little bit of someone's life. 

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