Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Living room with unique wall textures.

Living room is one of the most important and essential part of every residence. It carries the responsibility of over all styling, attitude of house and design statement alone. Living room is like a master key to your over all design of the house. After all first impression always matters the most. Here presenting few of the most unique impressive designs to adore and ornate your living room. 

  • Impress the wall design idea with wall laminates used in a glass crack form. 

  • Random placement of wooden circles can make a handsome impression for that "love for wood" styling. 

  • Simple pour the wall into the royal touch of golden texture with classy designs to it. 

  • Make it bold and impressive with elegant and sophisticated stone setting patterns on the walls.  

  • Love from the nature is always refreshing and evergreen idea to go with. 

  • Ornate the wall with some mirror cut outs randomly placed and adore their presence with some warm texture around. 

  • One of my favorite the raw yet impressive stone setting. Evergreen, smoothly goes with all kind of furniture settings, ambiance, and makes the space look "Wow".  

Wall designs are not just created with wall paints or colors, we have unlimited wide and wise choice to make upon to give the best of design for our living room and rest of the rooms. Let your first impression go wow and should create the impact for the rest of the home or residence. Let your living room speak the quality of your living and desire towards quality designs... !! 

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