Friday, 30 September 2016

5 Effective ways - Warm Interiors.

Knock Knock... hey it's not me's the knock of winters which is soon going to take it's place in our home and life for few months. So why don't we welcome the winters in a warm style and with open arms. Here are five effective simple ways to keep your winters happy, charming and warm. 


  • Candles : Ya, they are one of the most cost effective, simple and elegant way to warm up your home. Let your home corners become cozy with the light and warmth of candles. Light up your living area, bedroom, dining space, etc. with some fragrance candle for that feel, look and warmth. 

  • Fireplace : During the ancient period of time fireplace were basically found in hilly areas or in the woods. But now with the changing style, elegance and contemporary design ideas it has made its good place in modern homes as well. Let your living room and bedroom get the warmth and feel of fireplace this winters. This idea is worth it.. ! After all it will be a stylish smooth blend of ancient and contemporary design ideas. 

  • Light effects: As for now these days milky lights have replaced all the dim yellow and bight lights. But nothing can be more perfect and suitable than yellow light effects to create the feel of warmth in your home sweet home this winters. Secondly, let the sun rays kiss your rooms in a wide and welcoming manner. Let your home get the warmth and charm of sun light. Replace your heavy cotton linen curtains, blinds etc. with some light material curtains. 

  • Rugs & Carpets : Time to take out the rugs and carpets stored in the vast store house of your variety box to design up your home. Let the floor get hugged properly with rugs and carpets. Specially those floors which are covered with marble, vitrified tiles, wood etc. Rugs and carpets bring in the warmth to your foot and to your floor seating ideas. 

  • Cushions : Yes it's time to cushion up your sofa quite well with different kind of charming cushion designs and get in the cozy look. Cushion, floor pillows, pillows with different design (warm colors) plays an important and effective role to get in the touch of warmth of your cold house. 
So, here it was five effective ways to beat the cold this year. They are cost effective, never too high for your pockets and can be reused in new manner every year. Happy Winters to you... !!! 

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