Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Billiards Room Design Idea & Tips.

Billiards or pool  is not a game, its a way of recreation and relaxing yourself. For few it might be just a recreational activity, for few may be love of their life or even just a causal game. But when it comes to design a billiards room or pool room at any place (home, clubs, recreation centers) etc. few things are important to be considered. 

First and foremost is the size and location of the room. Room should be quite big enough to accommodate a pool table/ billiards table, seating arrangements, furniture or other objects and if desired by the client a bar section as well. Space and location of the room determines the bar section area accommodation. 

There should be at-least 6'0" clearance space between the table and any wall or object for a smooth and huddle free game. Let the players enjoy the freedom of space while they are playing. Ornate and comfort the billiards table floor with carpet or rug. One might allocate billiards table zone with living area if you are lacking with extra room space for your game zone place. 

Apart from space and furniture, lighting is the vital factor to be taken care off. Billiards room need overhead lighting to eliminate any kind of shadow. Overhead lighting illuminates the table well for a bright and comfortable session. A multi-bulb light fixture which is especially designed for billiards table should be installed. According to your choices one can fix up with incandescent or fluorescent lighting as well. For some natural light design up the room with few windows. But do not let the glare of sun over illuminate your room. Do install blinds or curtains accordingly. 

Billiards room or pool room doesn't have any specific color to go with. But any color when used up well will definitely increase the style and aura of the room. In my personal choice or opinion light yellow, cream or light brown if contrasted with brighter shades will enhance the beauty and charm of your recreational activity and room. 

Remember, games are not just a part of play, they are a kind of meditation for the people who love it. Recreational rooms, billiards rooms, music rooms, are one of them. Create the magic with your design ideas for the people who love it. Happy Designing...!!! 

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