Saturday, 3 September 2016

Design Tips - Study Area for Teens.

Study for teens is just not an area for them to study. It is a place of there knowledge, exploration, gathering and knowing the facts etc. To make such section cool and peaceful one should definitely take care of the few points thru the measure of design concepts. Well designed place always helps teens to focus and concentrate firmly on their studies. Lets help them with these tips.  

  • Location of the study area should be zoned away from social zones of the house. Pick up a silent corner from their room to fabricate a study section/ area. 

  • Permit good amount of natural light to get in the study section. Let the child get connected to the nature. It keeps him/her refreshed and peaceful which makes them focus on studies better. Location of windows should be taken care of. 

  • Good amount of artificial lighting should be installed to eliminate any kind of darkness. Task lighting should be combined well with general lighting. If desired accent lighting can be added as well for that dramatic and designer look. 

  • Peaceful, light and sober colors should be on the charts. Make the study section look calm, quite, focused and determined. Avoid any of wall art, over texture etc. Over designing or decoration distracts the focus. Keep it simple,calm and smooth with light sober colors. 

  • Ample of storage is important with versatile storage cabinet sections. Good storage always helps the person to segregate the work, files, books etc. in a well disciplined manner. Managed book racks, study section is equal to providing perfect place to focus. Messed up places generally ends up with failures. 

  • Comfortable study section with comfortable chair and table is essence of this place. Make them feel their importance, make them feel the importance of career, their dreams. Comfort them and support them with your caring hands through design ideas and furniture.  
Designing a study area for teens might be simple but is quite interesting as well as a bit challenging job to deal it. You have to play with design ideas, colors, furniture etc. in a quite interesting and clever manner to break the monotony & bring in the required calm, focus and peacefulness. 

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