Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bedroom with Glass Bathroom.

Attached bathroom with bedroom is quite an old concept now and is usually found in every house. At times bathroom to occupy lots of bedroom space and makes it look bit messy and unorganized. To over come this issue one go with glass bathroom space with bedroom.

  •  Open bathroom do not stink or have that residues of moisture content left there. One can go for sliding doors for the attached bathroom in bedroom. 

  • Cover the glass bathroom with outside curtains, not inside curtains. When needed pull up the curtains but not required simply let the bathroom share the length of the bedroom to make it look spacious and classy. 

  •  Glass bathroom makes look bedroom more spacious and classy. Privacy of the bathroom can be maintained well with itched glass effect or by the opposite location of the bathroom. 

Bedroom is a very special space, and let it be with the classy touch of attached glass bathroom. Share the space in style, trendy and impressive manner rather than just creating boxes in your bedroom. 


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