Thursday, 21 September 2017

Master Bedroom - 5 Fabulous & Comfortable Corner Ideas.

Not just your bedroom with bed side furniture or bedside wall should look good. It is the all four walls, ceiling, flooring each and every aspect which should bring in the charm to your master bedroom. At times, we do ignore corner of the room forgetting that they do play the most captivating role in enhancing the beauty of your bedroom. Here are 5 stunning and comfortable corner ideas to make your room look fab and complete.


  • Mirror and comfortable chair the corner. Mostly we do keep a comfortable chair with an ottoman but do forget to connect the side wall with it. Simply mirror the side for that large and reflecting look. Make an impressive corner with beauty and charm in one shot.  

  • Play with the window converting it into a comfortable reading space area. A simple long sofa, couch or a cabinet bench will do the trick. Start your morning with a cup of tea.. book in your hands and lots of sunny wishes. 

  • Couch up the corner with some really awesome,comfortable, cozy and warm couch accompanied with a corner table, linen curtains and some sunny wishes coming through the window. 

  • Small corners will adjust well with some boxy tiny cabinet, mirror to give some space to the corner and add up some raw and bold decors to it  if you love to have that raw, wild and exotic corner in your bedroom. Light them up well with some evening dimmer or accent light. Affect will be alluring. 

  • Half day bed corner will be an awesome idea to make your afternoon rests more comfortable and cozy. No need to disturb your bed for a nap or a book reading. Half day bed stuffed in with lots of colorful cushion will bright up your room as well as your day. 
Remember, just like walls, floor, ceiling, furniture etc. corners do starve for good look and they plays an equal part to allure up your room. Make them more beautiful to make your master bedroom look stunning, impressive and ravishing. 


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