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Kuch tuti futi si khawaishein.. !

Kuch ajib rishto mai ulji si ... tanhaaiyan
kuch band sabdo mai qaud ... khamoshiyaan
zindgi ki bhi kuch ...hoti hai ..nadaan si farmaayishein
ruke waqt ke hath lag jaati hai
kuch tuti futi si khawaishein.. !!

Gumh hojaate hain ...kuch chalte hue raste 
jinaa chod dete hain kabhi..ek duje ki khushiyon ke vaste
kaisi yeh duniya hai...  kaisi si hai yeh numaayishein 
tham jaati hai saanse magar ..phir bhi rehti hain
kuch tuti futi si khawaishein.. !!

Milna bhi hai toh kya...ek din naa rahenge hum
raheyengi yaadein  bus..mar mitenge hum
goonjti hai fizaaon mai .. kaisi si hai yeh gujaarishein 
hum rahe na hum... mit bhi gaye tum..phir bhi rehgai
kuch tuti futi si khawaishein.. !!

At times we think... everything is over in life.......but you know..hopes..expectations.. they don't have any end   to it..... that's why ... its always "tuti futi si khawaishein"..

copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta


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