Thursday, 2 June 2016

Bengali Home Design & Decor.

Bengali is the sweetest language on this earth .. and so are the Bengali people and there way of living. When we are talking about Bengali people and there living our topic will be incomplete if we forget to touch the glimpse of Bengali home design and decors. As we all know Bengali's are quite connected to their traditional values, culture etc. therefore you can clearly see and feel the touch of traditions in there way of living, way of home styling, decors and design. 

Home might be small or big but, Bengali homes always carry the sense and belonging of traditions, culture, their soil and that is the soul of there home sweet home. Home walls are always well designed and dressed up with sweet and adorable family pictures, Bengali art work, paintings, etc. They have that special space for there artists, creations and great personalities of their soil. 

Traditional lamp shades, wall hangings, indoor plants, pictures of Goddess Maa Kali and Maa Durga are the most heart capturing and treat to design styling in every Bengali home. Moreover, musical instruments has their own place in every Bengali home. They are very well connected to the roots of music, art and culture. They not only show this in their decors but this art, talent and creativity is reflected in their actions and living as well. 

Traditional furniture, traditional chandelier, big traditional wall clock, etc. in modern homes is one of the most interesting and capturing part of design. It not only reflects there love for traditional quality products and styling but also reflects there ease towards moving forward to the modern era carrying  their roots along with them. 

Bengali home design and decors gives us unless styling inspiration and motivation to design our homes like one of there's. They have the perfect blend of modern and traditional values mixed with it. They are design lover as well as art lover. More you explore about their home designs and styling more you get closer to art, talent, creativity and designing. 

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  1. I need someone​ to design my new home in a typical bong culture home


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