Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Bold Interiors.

Bold interior for those who dare to go with something different, impressive and really raw yet sophisticated. Usually whenever we go for designing people opt for the colorful palate rather than going for the most sophisticated and elegant combination and that's "black and white". It might sound bit faded or give us a vintage flashback..but trust me..nothing can be more interesting, impressive and ravishing than playing with the neutral color palate. 

Make a huge difference with a little and small effort of going different. It does make sense after all .. you are going to get the most impressive interiors which can be an inspiration for millions... right..!! White reflects the purity and relaxation of your mind..and black represents the boldness and strength within you. 

Blend them up well with the perfect percentage to get the classy look which will remain forever. 70% of white and 30% of black will be the perfect mixing solution which can blend your interiors with the perfect match of purity and strength. Black dominates on white that's why let the white spread its wings more to capture the beauty for your interiors. 

Choosing the black and white combination for your interiors is like giving yourself the best of choices, wise and bright choice as well as the most easy one to work on. Blending of furniture and over all decors will never be a issue or a problem to think over. It is quite simple and impressive. So, time to move for the "bold interiors".. make a difference and feel the charm.. ! 

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