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Color's Speak & facts.

Colors are not just an element to be used up for your design works or cover the wall, furniture etc. Colors have that inherent strength to make your work look go wow or even if not used properly it is quite capable to drain out the beauty of your design. It is one of the most important and powerful element of design. Should be choose carefully and wisely according to the interior space, shape, over all lighting and other factors. Lets take a glance on the powerful facts of few colors which might help you in discovering the perfect one for your interiors or spaces. 

  • Green : One of the most quite and calm color which directly connects to the nature and help us bring the peace wherever it is used. But on the other side green can't be used as solid color as at times it gives the feeling of loneliness. 

  • Purple : It gives us a luxurious and royal touch. It blends your interiors into a stylish design and gives a feel of romance and harmony. On the other side it not not suitable for all the kind of room or spaces. Purple hardly suits for formal spaces and guest rooms etc. After all it has that personal feel and touch.

  • Orange : It is that sense of welcoming and has that inherent energy. Perfectly suitable for your mountain homes, cottages etc. It can be a perfect choice for your living rooms or dining spaces. But its warmth doesn't allow us to use it in the cities with high temperature or humidity. 

  • Blue : Definition of being cool, relaxed and style comes directly from the blue. Perfect color which blends well with formal and informal interiors without any discrimination. Has lots of shades and tints to go with according to your design. Blue has the weakness to not get gelled up with every kind of furniture or over all decors. It has its own demands and style. 

  • White : Other name of peace, purity and calmness. It gives the pleasure to the mind of super relaxation and comfort. Where as white is a state to get lost somewhere, it brings a touch of loneliness. White is a bold choice but has its own complications and after effects. 

  • Pink : Softest, cute and sweet color which can be used in any kind of informal rooms, spaces or interiors. Myth about pink is that it is a feminine color. None of the colors represent any gender. But being soft, sweet and color which contains love it has limitations to be used in some particular spaces.

  • Red : One of the most romantic, colors with lots of feelings, touch and style is red. But the worst part of red is its arrogance, over energy and anger. Red can't be a solid part of any interiors. If not mixed well with other colors it has negative impact more than positive effects. 

  • Yellow : Happiness, positivity , life comes with yellow. It is a perfect choice to go with for any kind of formal or informal interiors. But do not forget it has that weakness of not being getting noticed if not blended well with other color or if you blend it with any over dominating color. Yellow needs it own attention. 
So, here were few facts about few colors or say most commonly used colors. World of color and their facts is endless and trust me quite interesting. Hope this post of mine will help you bit come more closer to colors and understand them well. Happy coloring. :) 


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