Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Easy Storage Kitchen Solutions.

Kitchen being the most busy and cramped space of any house needs to be taken good care off, specially when it comes to it easy and accessible storage solutions. Easy storage solution or ways helps the home maker with the ease of work, saving important time and fast service. Storage doesn't mean that I am just talking about closed cabinets or racks, built in modular sets etc. To be precised  here I am talking about open storage solutions which helps the home maker in doing hand to hand work without any extra efforts. Like for every kitchen cabinetry is important so is the open storage ideas and racks or shelves are important and unfortunately we miss it at times .  Kitchen doesn't mean a space full of closed boxes or cabinets with lots of stuff inside it. Manage your kitchen design and settings well with balanced open and closed cabinets, racks or shelves. 

Give some open space to your kitchen by providing wall shelves, racks or some open cabinets built in with the close cabinet area. It not only gives ease to work but also provides with the feel of some extra space , wall area  and openness in the kitchen. 

Try to eliminate unwanted or extra closed cabinets and replace them by fabricating few open racks, shelves, providing hooks and rods to hang your utensils etc. We need to use the space rather than box the space. Keep up some crockery out there, you may add up few tiny interior plants to open spaces, charm the open area with some interior lighting etc. 

At times show off is not bad. One really need to go with this concept as well. Not just for the shake of style but also for the ease of work, easy going and comfortable handling, etc. If you have kids at home then I would suggest to go with open racks or shelves at the upper wall area rather than going for any bottom cabinet zone. 

Modular kitchen, traditional kitchen, whatever the style may be you are presently having or desire to have for your future house make sure you mix it well with the open easy storage solution ideas and close cabinets. Provide yourself open working area, space which doesn't looks cramp gives a better atmosphere to work in with quality output and impressive results. 

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  1. Although it might look nice for you to display some of your best plates and crockery in your kitchen, I personally would prefer more enclosed storage options. Perhaps glass cabinetry instead to ensure the dust and oil doesn't get everywhere!