Sunday, 9 June 2013

Rehta Hosh kahan hai.

Aaye jo koi ..sab kuch badal jata hai
bikhra sama ..khud sambhal jata hai
woh hee saanso ka ban jaata jahaan hai
chu le jo dharkan koi
rehta hosh kahan hai..!

Kadmo se ushke ..rushwa tanhaai hui
chalte ab tanha kahan.. koi kisi ki parchai hui
rehte toh ghar mai apne.. khyal wahan hai
daabe paao jab dastak de koi
rahta hosh kahan hai..!

Nayi nayi si harkat kare koi 
chupke sararat kare koi 
door jo chale jaye..har pal imhitaan hai
woh mil jaaye zindagi ko ..toh
rahta hosh kahan hai..!

Its when someone special touches your life for the first time...!!!

copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta


  1. Hi..
    Can I ask u somethin.....As I am writing a book called "The pattern of the Women Heart"..Only 16 queston..I have to ask..and than I will not interrupt u like this

  2. Kindly mail me your questions at :) may be i could help you out.


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