Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Restaurants Plan Layouts & Tips.

Knock Knock .... !!! Here sharing different plans layouts of different restaurants.

Note : 

  • Restaurants designing not only needs designs and decor's but its important to create an atmosphere by your work.
  • Place should not be designed in a too cozy manner. Minimum space requirements should be taken into consideration.
  • After furniture and decor's lighting plays the most important role in restaurant designing for creating the required mood and ambiance.

Few more tips :

  • Designing shouldn't be complicated. Remember its a place to relax & serve food, so maintain the required comfort through designing. 
  • Avoid curtains .. or partitions etc. for private cabins. Off-set the ground level to create the difference. 
Not too easy..not to hard..... its fun and complicated.. enjoy each part of designing.. will come up with few more plans and tips :) 


  1. nice. in Plan A though i would rather a wall.(screen partition wall more likely) to screen the conveniences from the servery area. it's more like a private zone and as it is now customers would likely walk almost behind the servery counter to use the bathrooms...nice job though....

  2. Thank you buddy..for your foot prints and kind words.


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