Monday, 3 June 2013

Woh meri parchaai hai.

Door bhi main, pass bhi main
dharkan bhi main, ehsaash bhi main
tujhse jo kabhi na hui paraayi hai 
main sath rahun yaa naa rahun tere 
sang tere har pal ... woh meri parchaai hai.

Mere sath bhi tu, mere baad bhi tu
tu hee zindagi .. tu hee aarzoo
tum sang meri mohabaat rang laai hai
piche piche mai chalun tere 
sang tere har pal..woh meri parchaai hai.

Rahun bhi main, kuch kahun bhi main
preet bhi main , khamoshi sahun bhi main
bin tere ek pal bhi lage tanhaai hai
door bhi ho jaaun tumse ..par
sang tere har pal.. woh meri parchaai hai.

Its love....... even after life...!!

copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta


  1. wow nice yar

    u r really a nice heart that's why u hv ur feeling in.nice words
    an .artist always have nice soul...

    1. Thanks a lot :) great words for motivation :) its always the readers and viewers who makes an artist and writer work more. Thanks again :)

  2. ji pr pyar iskq apko nagative na kr de

    apne dil ka amrit share krti rhna


  3. Well ..there's nothing negative in this world.. its personal perspective to look at things and absorb them in the manner you want. N God has created this world in such a beautiful manner..nothing can turn negative :)
    and lots left to explore and write about.

    Anyways.....will try to write more. :)

  4. will you become my frnd

    can i add you on fb

  5. yaa sure u can add me on fb.. your name pls

  6. my name keshav prajapat

  7. hello richa ek problem ho gyi dost

    meri frnd request fb ne ek month k liye block kr di

    apko msg kiya tha maine

    keshav prajapat nam se

    plz favor me

    u send me frnd request plz yar

    i need u as my nice frnd

    u r really so pure heart