Friday, 7 June 2013

Touch of hand.. Manual drawings.

Although market is flooded around with different sort of software's and techniques to render our designs and creativity.. but still personally I love to render my design manually..... my first step of learning.....before software. Render with hands ...... it has its own value and satisfaction.

Creativity unlimited...... work un-ending.... and love for manual drawings priceless..!!!


  1. I agree Richa, even I love sketching and rendering the designs, but most of the time the clients are so much particular about 3D software that, all they need is different perspectives on the design. Feel helpless sometimes, but with confidence I guess we can win their heart by manual drawings. Thanks for sharing your thought and your sketches/renders are really good looking. All the best!

    1. Hi Tara... I do agree with you. Nothing and no software can replace the pleasure of sketching. Specially the rendering part. All the best for your work as well. :)