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Perspective sketches.

Here's sharing few inspirational perspective manual sketches.
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'Design Forecast "2019".

Interior designing is a continuous process of evolution and bringing in the new changes to merge up well with the upcoming generations and styling . It never looses its charm, effects and it continues to please people with its new design era. So, here is design forecast of "2019" for all the design lovers and people interested in getting to know more about interiors.  Colors of blue:  They do speak the language of royal and classy touch. They are never out of fashion and has that vibrant, happy and awesome effects on the interiors and people living in there always.  Playing with the pastels: Never they do go out of fashion. They are smoothing, soft, have that calm effects for that really harsh weather conditions and summers.  Color pallet from the nature : Its time to bring the nature inside your house or interiors. Make your interiors look awesome, merging up well with the natural lights of nature and atmosphere. Get in with some blues, rainbow st

Diwali Wishes ... !!

Here's wishing all my viewers, readers, well wishers a very Happy, prosperous and bright Deepawali. May this festive season brings in unending happiness, success and pleasure to your life.

Ceiling design for master bedroom.

Master bedroom is said to be the main attraction of every "home sweet home". Most of the time master bedroom is being designed and decorated in an awesome manner really taking care of everything, all the aspects, furniture, coloring, etc. but at times, the ceiling design is missing. So, let your master bedroom look more graceful, complete and aesthetics with the complete look, touch and feel of interiors and it's design capacities. Add an extra charm, a grace to your master bedroom with the rectangular or square design ideas. Make it look more complete, amazing and in rhythm with your room's look and feel.  According to your room size, budget and over all design one can go for different kind of ceiling design Exposed Beams Ceilings. ... Tray Ceiling Styles. ... Vaulted Ceiling Styles. ... Coffered Ceiling Styles. ... Domed Ceiling Style..  Semi circular Ceiling style ..   With the upliftment of styling and design ideas abstract art

5 Exclusive 3D Living Room Designs.

Here's sharing the most selective 3d living room designs to get inspired from.

Desi - Interiors.

Interior designing is not all about contemporary designing, modest designing or abstract art. It comprises of all the limitless art, culture, styling, ideas and concept of almost every state, country, village or town. At times, desi-interiors are fun. Basically, it is designing up your home in ethnic and authentic style of the culture you belong to. Desi designing is all about bright colors, mixture of texture, playful sequences of motives and art. It is basically adding more of the life, style, re-freshness and charm to your interiors. Desi designing is no limit design. Desi fabrics when merged with the desi (authentic Indian furniture) makes the most complete and amazing combination in the design pattern and style. It has the inherent quality to gel up well with every occasion, to keep the house guest and friends ready forever. Make your home look powerful, bright, filled up with charm and vibrancy, with the desi look and touch. Contemporary is regular and commo

11 Important Vastu Tips for Better Homes.

Happy home is all we need and want forever.. right..!! Home is not a home if it doesn't have a feel of peace, comfort, calmness in it. Its a feeling to be home. If that feeling is missing from your home sweet home it is really important to check out with the small but very effective " vastu tips ". So here's sharing vital 11 vastu tips for your home which may bring in the lost happiness,charm, love and care back to your life and place.  Setting television in the bedroom area is not recommended . Television not only kills the personal time between a couple but also drags out the positive energy from your room. Playing negative stuff on your television in your bedroom harms the positivity of the room.  Keep the plants and water sport far from your bedroom . At times, few insects, creepy smell or any other negative factor destroys the calmness of your bedroom. It is better to keep off the plants, water sports far away from your room.  Never split bed