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3ds Max Vray - Bedroom 1.2

Here's my 3ds Max Vray Bedroom design series 1.2 with two shades of color theme. 

VRay- Kitchen Design Series- By Richa SP

Kitchen design series by me .. Richa SP (foundationdezin). For a simple Indian home here is sweet kitchen design. 

Color's Speak & facts.

Colors are not just an element to be used up for your design works or cover the wall, furniture etc. Colors have that inherent strength to make your work look go wow or even if not used properly it is quite capable to drain out the beauty of your design. It is one of the most important and powerful element of design. Should be choose carefully and wisely according to the interior space, shape, over all lighting and other factors. Lets take a glance on the powerful facts of few colors which might help you in discovering the perfect one for your interiors or spaces.  Green : One of the most quite and calm color which directly connects to the nature and help us bring the peace wherever it is used. But on the other side green can't be used as solid color as at times it gives the feeling of loneliness.  Purple : It gives us a luxurious and royal touch. It blends your interiors into a stylish design and gives a feel of romance and harmony. On the other side it not not sui

Simple Bedroom Design - By Richa. SP

Here sharing simple bedroom design by me 

Terrace Bedroom Designs.

Bedroom designing is always special but when it comes to terrace bedroom design it is something which melts my heart and asks me to take care of every little bit of its design and appearance. Bedrooms attached with terrace are very special, they have that romantic essences hidden in them. Make it more romantic, give it a feel with some of the design tips we are going to discuss here.  Embrace the terrace window with a big full wall size window to let the moon light come in and knock you romantically in the evening. Let the sun rays pamper your every morning to make it a real good morning.  Light colors curtains are advice for that real touch of outside beauty. Avoid any kind of blind as they might make the room look formal and unromantic.  Let your attached terrace be a small place for your evening dates with your partner. Make it a private place to have quality time with your loved one's. Cuddle up the space with some nice seating around and some d

Smart & Affordable Seating Solutions.

As we all know Interior Designing is not just merely work on a piece of paper or planning the space accordingly.. its a wide field which has uncountable branches of style, ideas and has roots deep inside in the field of construction and architecture which keeps evolving with the changing time, needs and purpose. Earlier we use to have some heavy wood, metal seating solutions to uplift the beauty of our interiors, but with the changing time, purpose and needs designing has evolved with the smart seating solutions.  Smart seating solutions which gives us flexibility to move them when and wherever required , easy to maintain, easy to clean, can be adjusted in any room, perfect for ever kind of interiors (formal or informal), may be costly on initial buy but a perfect investment for years. We get the liberty of different designs, colors, and variety with these smart seating solutions. Fiber chairs, plastic chairs, are the one which gets accommodated with even time. 

Compact Dining Set.

Now a days space is a big issue, finding out a big apartment or a big plot to construct your huge home sweet home has merely become a dream in itself.  Compact dining set are the perfect solution when you are actually struggling with space issues in your accommodation. They are perfectly made to suit your purpose, fulfill your dream of separate dining area, give a sweet and cute looks and provide your space with a perfect stylish solution.  Make your messy looking dining area or kitchen area look big and better with such compact, stylish and sweet dining set solutions. They are a perfect buy for all the problems. Let your living room enjoy its own space and let your dining area also get its untold importance and value. Place them anywhere you like or you have space for. There compact size gives you the liberty to place them freely wherever you it fits the best according to your space, purpose and over all design looks.  Do not just get messed up and leave the prob

Standard Hotel Room - Plan & Furniture.

Here's sharing few plan with furniture layout of standard hotel rooms. 

Jaane Kaisi Yeh Nadaani.

Jazbaato ki mandi mai, aaj sauda hogaya pyaar ka.. tamaasha kuch yuh hua, ki natak kia ushne juthe izhaar ka.. mann mera muskuraya, ankhon mai bhara tha paani ushke har jooth ko sach maan baatein, jaane kaisi yeh nadaani..!! Mere hokar bhi,  naa jaane kyu woh mera na tha... andhera itna khanna hogaya, suraj tale bhi sawera naa tha.. sapno mai ushke jaagti rahi, jane kaisi thi diwaani afsaano ko jeete rahe, jaane kaisi yeh nadaani.. !! 

Blue Walls - Awesome Interiors.

It is said wall speaks about your style, design idea, living standards, mood etc. Basically they are the mirror of your inner soul and thoughts. Let your inner soul reflect the best in you with the help of amazing cool, impressive, everyone's favorite "blue". After all blue is the only color which reflects coolness and suits every season, occasion and mood. You might go for baby blue, light blue, royal blue, denim blue, textured blue, shaded blue etc. I mean the choice is wide and you need to be wise with the blue you are opting for. But whatever the blue you may opt for it will instantly lift up the class of interior design.  Let it be your living room, bedroom, study area, office, store area, kitchen or bathroom you don't have to think about the room when you are painting the walls blue or giving any particular wall a blue texture or blue drawing effects or some design beauty.  So, do not wait to make the best of impressions and expressiv